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Forward dated to Saturday sunset

Characters: Shion, Becca, Alex and Sora (If anyone else wants to join them just ask!)
Format: All the formats
This log is: Closed but if you want to join let one of us know!
Location: Lakeside at sunser
Summary: A bunch of derps take a picnic to the lakeside and then let off their bottles into the ocean
Warnings: The cute might rot your teeth
Shion was glad for the bottle they had recieved for opening the second tower, he was very worried about Nezumi; had he found Safu? What had happened to No. 6? Was his mum okay? He knew Nezumi was the best person to send a message to as he could pass that message on to others. His note was inside the bottle already, tucked inside the basket full of treats that he had made.

Since it was such a nice day they were going to have a picnic and then drop their bottles into the ocean where they would find their ways back to their homelands. Shion spread the blanket he had borrowed on the grass and sat waiting.
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Becca had also brought a basket of treats. She had spent forever cooking things, and written her letter ahead of time. She found Shion easily enough and spread out two blankets near him. One blanket was to protect the food from sand, as she started unloading her basket onto it and laying the food out so everyone could help themselves.
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"Good evening," Sora, ever terrible at the culinary arts, had brought a selection of shop-bought snacks instead. The shopkeeper had assured her they were delicious, so there was obviously no problem, right? Her own bottle was in the side-pocket of her schoolbag, letter already scribbled out onto prefect manuscript paper and half-folded, half-rolled up.

But there was something to distract her from that for the moment, as she sat down next to Becca.

"Ah, we all brought food!"
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"I'm sure it'll all get eaten," Becca pointed out with a smile. "That's the fun part about sharing with friends."
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"Yeah!" She leant forward, the sadness of what they were going to do draining away at Becca's words, and rifled through her bag. "Most of mine is snacks... Um, let's see... want some mochi?"
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"What's mochi?" she asked curiously, leaning over Sora's bag to peer into it.
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so, I had slept for 24 hours straight. >_>

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Alex was running over, waving at everyone. He didn't have any food, since, once again, he forgot to think about eating. He did have entertainment ready, however. He managed to find some music to play on his PDA, and made a mini-speaker out of some home-made speakers. He had it blasting as he came over, and while not the loudest, it was loud enough when he got closer. "H-hey guys! 'M n-not too late, am I?"
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"I'm not sure what's in them," Sora admitted. "They're really tasty, though..." A new person! She waved, almost losing her balance. "Ah, hello! Not at all," her reassurance came a second after Shions. "Have some snacks!"
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"Alex!" Becca chirped happily, reaching out to him as he got close. "There's loads of food, come eat," she insisted, then turned her attention back to Sora. "So like...are they sweet or savoury?"
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Alex sits down between Becca and Shion. He reaches out for one of the Mochi, "Oh! M-Mochi! H-haven't h-had these i-in ages! Who b-brought these?"
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"These ones are sweet," she'd managed to stuff one into her mouth during Alex's arrival, so she settled for nodding at their comments.
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Becca scooted slightly closer to Alex, but didn't just drape on him even though she wanted to. She took a piece of Mochi as well, biting into it curiously.
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Alex does take Becca's hand, being use enough to that by now. He reaches out for the same kind of mochi Sora mentioned, "A-any Red Bean o-ones? Th-there's this b-bakery on C-Canal and B-Baxter. I-If Reccette c-can, maybe I c-can order their b-baked goods specifically! B-best everything, a-and n-not just Asian b-baking!"

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"In the corner," she indicated one side of the bag, leaning back on the blankets, "Your mother owns a bakery, Shion?" Sora's eyes veritably gleamed. "We should definitely ask at the shop!"
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"That sounds amazing, Shion! I hope so, too!" Becca chirped brightly, giving Alex's hand a squeeze. "We should all get things from home some time. I'll use the prefect's kitchen and make us all dinner some time."
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Alex squeezes Becca's hand too, smiling. "That s-sounds like a g-great idea!"
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Oh dear, that's almost mean~

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"Yes!" Alex agreed heartily, smiling between Becca, Shion, and even Sora. There was a warm feeling in his gut, and for the first time, it really seemed like he was home.
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cruel foreshadowing 8(

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Sora beamed. It was what she had fought for throughout her time at Iwahijiri - this easy friendship between students.

"I'll ask for one of Koharu's lunchboxes as well! She's a wonderful cook."
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You are Katy. This is news why?

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"Mine's to my little brother," Becca offered happily, though she frowned deeply when she remembered that she didn't have a name or a face to go with that title. "I...hope he doesn't mind that I don't remember his name... I love him so much, though, I just..." She whimpered a bit, shifting to keep a hold of Alex's hand but also flop across Shion's lap.

"You know, you're like a brother to me, too, Shion."
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XD I love you guys~

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Even though she said Shion was like a brother, there was a touch of jealousy to Alex's expression when Becca laid on Shion's lap. He holds her hand a little more firmly and shifts closer. "I'm s-sending mine t-ta Mikel. H-he's sorta like an older brother t-ta me. I know he'll p-pass things on."


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Apparently this meant it was open season for hugs, so Sora promptly leaned over onto Shion to complete the circuit.

"I'll send mine to Yuki now she's home, but she can give everyone else my messages, so it's really to everyone..."
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Seeing the jealousy on Alex's face made her feel loved, and she shifted away from Shion to cuddle into Alex instead, smiling happily. "My little brother's the only one I have worth writing to. The only other person I love back home is dead," she said with a sort of flippancy that suggested it had been that way for a long time. It had been, she had grieved more than ten years ago, and simply visited her father's grave like a trip to the park, where she enjoyed the stillness and sometimes told the earth about her troubles. As far as she was concerned, it was a perfectly functional and normal relationship with her father.
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Alex squeezed her hand at the thought of her father, but keeps smiling. "I'm h-happy with you g-guys here though. I j-just hope the th-things I set up at h-home all are still w-working out." Alex actually didn't want to go home. He liked it here. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but he was human, and no one was throwing him in testing facilities or other horrors. He never got moments like this at home- and he wouldn't trade it for the world.