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Waking up [Open]

Characters: Merlin and anyone, also Dirk
Format: I'm starting in prose but will switch
This log is: Open!
Location: Fortitude infirmary, Fortitude campus, Conquest campus
Summary: Merlin wakes up from his twelve day nap, he wanders round Fortitude, Dirk escorts him across the city to Conquest so he can find his Player.
Warnings: None so far
[Fortitude infirmary and campus] Merlin opened his eyes and looked around the room in confusion. This wasn't the room that he had been put in, a few moments later he recognised it as an infirmary. Even if it was a world away from the infirmary in Camelot he recognised the feel of it.

After speaking to the physician there he was allowed to go. He had slept four days, which apparently was common here... He had a mark on his hand, a sword. He knew that meant he was a Weapon to someone from Conquest, which meant Arthur was a Player again.

He walked round the campus looking a little confused, after all twelve days had passed and he had been asleep. That might be common here but it wasn't normal. He smiled at people though, though he didn't recognise most of them, he was still not used to everyone here.

[Conquest Campus] After thanking Dirk Merlin made his way into Conquest Campus, the mark on his hand allowed him to enter, since his Player was here. It was just a matter of finding him... He wandered round the courtyard before approaching people, "Excuse me... do you know where I would find..." Memory loss was an issue. "He's a king, likes to hit people with swords, total prat. He's one of the Players this round."

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