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Fortitude Round 12 Start

Dolorosa stands on her familiar spot on the podium flanked by Fortitude's prefects: Nanami, Lelouch, Yuri, Dave, Jade, Sora, John, Becca, Dirk, Jane, and Jake. The number of prefects just keeps growing and she smiles at each one of them, proud of how far they've gotten.

She turns her attention back to the rest of the Fortitude students, "Good morning everyone, I trust you have had a good and eventful round. By the extra raks in your pockets I'm sure you have noticed that you have won the round, for that I congratulate you."

"Special congratulations should go to Dirk for defeating Alex and Jade, Jade for defeating Dirk, Komachi for defeating America, and Dirk and Jade for winning the round," she pauses to applaud those who have won, "You have all come so far since the very first round, and I know you will progress further from here. Don't let anything hinder your progress.

"And for this round's players, I wish luck to:
Lelouch vi Britannia
Komachi Onozuka
Nanami Asagi
Sora Himoto

May you have a fruitful round."
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[ it would probably be best to actually mention her plan to the headmistress, though. Still got that unshakeable faith in authority that has served no use at all so far. ]

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"Yes!" Sora's delight is both audible and visible from her spot on the stage as her name is read out, and she instantly scans the room for her friends. Over the weekend, she's been hatching a plan, and this means she can put it into action immediately... if they agree to help, anyway. Buzzing with badly-hatched plans, she jumps down from the stage.
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Dave looks like he's about to leave. He has no real reason to be here anymore. Jade and Dave would both need to find a Player, seeing as both of them weren't chosen. Honestly, he was kind of glad not being a Player. It was nice having a break from being one all the time.

He does see Sora jumping down from the stage excitedly. Jesus, she's always excited about this stuff.
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Sora's name was the only one he recognized on the player's list, and, while there were a few people he knew that would suggest he expand the people he knew, but Alex was more than happy to keep the limited circle that he had found. He walks up to Sora shyly, "H-hi... y-you r-remember me, r-right?"
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"Again? Huh, this might get troublesome..."

Welp. Time to find weapons.
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[Merlin listened to the assembly and looked at his hand, no mark appeared which meant the king wasn't a Player this time. That meant he had to look for a Player, he walked round the room looking for anyone he knew.

Someone might want to tell him his name is on the board, forgetting your own name is a pain.]
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[Oh, hey, here was one.]

Need something?
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[Merlin looked round and grinned at the girl] Oh! I was just... looking for a Player, since it seems the person I'm linked to isn't a Player.
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Well then, you're in luck! I'm Komachi, and I was just looking for a Weapon myself.
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"Nice to meet you Komachi! I... don't know my name..." He looked sheepish, "But I would be happy to be your Weapon."
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"Don't know your name, huh? I'm not sure what I can do about that, but you're safe with me."

Komachi had experienced the feeling of vowing before, and... it wasn't coming.

"I think something's up. Like, maybe you're Merlin, or something. You don't look like any of those other names would fit you, after all. Then again, what kind of person gets a name like Bubblecup, anyway?"
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Merlin smiled but his smile soon faded as he looked at his hand. When she spoke he winced and brought his hand to his head. "What did you say? Bubblecup is my roommate, she's a talking pony..."
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"I think you're another Player, is what I'm saying. And that pegasus I saw the other day is one too? Does she hold Weapons in her mouth, or something?"

Ladies and gentlemen, Komachi Onozuka, master of being focused.
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"I'm a Player?" Merlin looked shocked. "How can I be a Player?" Players fought and though Merlin could fight, he was used to using his magic.

"Oh... I think so..."
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"Well, just because you don't know your name doesn't mean they can't call it, right?" It was true, and she was being arguably much too cheerful about this.

"You've got me curious. I'm going to have to find her and see for herself."

She forgot that last part, of course.
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"I guess not..." He was nervous about being a player, but he managed a small smile. "She's here somewhere."
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"I'll just find her myself later. I've got to get myself Weapons too after all."
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Merlin smiled, "Yes... I guess I should do that too. Good luck!"
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Shion had spent the day before looking around and reading the manual. From what he had been told by those on the platform he had been here before. That made no sense as he couldn't remember anything but very little made sense at the moment and he was trying not to think about it too hard. His brain wanted to shut down every time he dwelt on why or how he was here.

However from reading the entire manual and memorising it Shion understood that there was a way out of here, a way back to the correctional facility and Nezumi. Through battling, the only issue was Shion couldn't fight.

You can use a gun... Shion tried to silence the voice in his head, he was wearing the uniform now and he was free of blood though his face was still bruised.

His name wasn't on the board so he looked around, wondering if anyone would take him as a Weapon.
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Asagi smiles at Shion, approaching him once Dolorosa finished. "How do you feel about vowing with me?" He can tell Shion about how he would have to wear a maid's outfit later. Shion didn't need to know that, or that Asagi might ask errands from him.
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Shion saw the man he had spoken to on the train, of course Shion remembered his name had been on the board. He nodded straight away, "I would like that, it seems that vowing and fighting is the only way to leave this place."
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"In that case, I believe we just vowed." Asagi was smiling as always, though there was a bit of a mischievousness to it. "I look forward to battling with you."
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"We did?" Shion blinked and noticed the mark on his hand. "Oh... It is that easy then?"
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"It seems so. I am guessing you don't know your weapon form, or have any upgrades? You should probably get one." He pulls out a cigarette and matchbook, lighting it.
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"No I don't..." Shion thought for a moment, "I buy an upgrade from the shop right..." He probably should get one if it meant he was a better Weapon.
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"It seems as such." Asagi shrugs so slightly it's almost like he doesn't move, "I can go with you if you want."
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Shion nodded, "I don't think I'm allowed to buy things alone..." He frowned, he didn't like the rules. He didn't like that it made other people less than others, when all should be equal.
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"Then let me know if you ever want to buy something. You have my permission to eat off the full menu and to use your communicator as well." Asagi gave an easy smile, actually deciding in his head if Shion would look good in a maid's outfit, though it probably just seemed like he was trying to be reassuring.
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"Thank you." Shion didn't have a communicator but he assumed that he meant the computers as well. "It is appreciated." Even if it was unfair.
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Asagi pulls out a cigarette, before realizing that he hadn't gotten any spare matches yet. He pulls out his lighter and passes it to Shion, "Can you give me a hand?" Not remembering how to light his own lighter was going to be a huge pain.

"I don't see why you shouldn't have the same rights." He really didn't. Or at least have the rights someone would have if they were in a job they really needed and couldn't quit. That tended to be the basic kind of situation his employees were in.
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Shion took the lighter, it took a moment for him to work out how to use it but soon he had lit it and held it out so Asagi could light his cigarette. "Neither do I, no one should have any fewer rights than anyone else."

Everyone was equal and it made him furious that this place tried to claim otherwise.
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"I have not given much thought to the subject," Asagi replied nonchalantly. He hadn't. Laws were part of the human's interests, and he didn't involve himself heavily in human affairs.
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"Oh..." Shion had, or more he hadn't because it just seemed to him like a very obvious conclusion. All people were the same and therefore should be treated equally. So far he had not found anyone who agreed with him, and really he shouldn't be surprised that there was no one here either.
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Asagi might generally be a dick, but he did believe in human rights. He still hadn't given much thought on that particular subject, "But I don't discriminate against the people who need my help. I don't get involved in human laws and human problems because I have no right to. They don't concern me."

After all, even if he looked like he could be an albino, he wasn't; he was a completely different species.
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Having spent some time reading the manual and trying to make sense of the system—which was familiar in so many ways, and yet so different in a few key particulars—Juri had been half-hoping to hear her own name in the list of Players. At Ohtori she had been a duelist, active and in control, not a weapon to be used by someone else. Except for, well, that one time. And that experience was not one she was eager to repeat.

But of course the list came and went with no mention of Juri, and as the Headmistress finished speaking, Juri couldn't help slumping a little in her seat. She wasn't looking forward to this.
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Asagi looked over in interest at the unhappy girl. Just because he was going to make Shion wear a maid's outfit didn't mean that he had enough money to get one for another weapon just yet. Besides, she really didn't look anything like his type- Shion at least had the innocent face.

Of course, that didn't mean he wouldn't ask her to vow with him. Beggars really can't be choosers, and Asagi, being rather new to the game probably couldn't get any of the weapons that have been around for a while. Most of them probably already knew someone on the list of players.

That just meant that Asagi raised his chances of being able to defeat an opponent that has a weapon with more upgrades by having more weapons with fewer upgrades. It probably also offered him a variety a single weapon would not. He walks over to Juri with a smile, "Do you need a player, miss?"
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Juri glanced up at the boy, a bit annoyed. It took her a moment to register his question, and another moment to think how to respond. Did she need a Player? She certainly didn't want one, but from what the handbook had said, the life of a Discard seemed worse. Still, to give a total stranger that kind of power over her... it made her skin crawl.

"I suppose I do," she said at last. "But..."
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"If you don't want to fight, all I would like is enough Raks to get an upgrade. You can have full rights, of course." Shion would get all the picking, apparently, and only because he seemed so willing to be his weapon. Asagi liked to press his luck with people, but he also knew where to draw the line. Usually.
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"It isn't about fighting or not fighting," Juri said irritably. "I don't mind about that. But... you're a complete stranger. We haven't even been introduced."

Of course, it wasn't as though she really knew anyone here or was likely to become friends with anyone in such a short time, but this still seemed a bit too abrupt.
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Asagi offers his hand, "Nanami. Asagi Nanami. I would say that about all the newest arrivals here would be strangers. Even those here longer are still mostly strangers, unless they have people here from their worlds with them." Asagi's smile was friendly enough at least.
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Juri shakes his hand, politely if unenthusiastically. "Juri Arisugawa. I suppose you're right, but still... I'd like a bit of time to consider."
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Asagi just shrugs, unfazed. "That's fine. If you need a player, let me know."
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Juri nods. "I will, then."