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Fortitude Round 12 Start

Dolorosa stands on her familiar spot on the podium flanked by Fortitude's prefects: Nanami, Lelouch, Yuri, Dave, Jade, Sora, John, Becca, Dirk, Jane, and Jake. The number of prefects just keeps growing and she smiles at each one of them, proud of how far they've gotten.

She turns her attention back to the rest of the Fortitude students, "Good morning everyone, I trust you have had a good and eventful round. By the extra raks in your pockets I'm sure you have noticed that you have won the round, for that I congratulate you."

"Special congratulations should go to Dirk for defeating Alex and Jade, Jade for defeating Dirk, Komachi for defeating America, and Dirk and Jade for winning the round," she pauses to applaud those who have won, "You have all come so far since the very first round, and I know you will progress further from here. Don't let anything hinder your progress.

"And for this round's players, I wish luck to:
Lelouch vi Britannia
Komachi Onozuka
Nanami Asagi
Sora Himoto

May you have a fruitful round."

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