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Giving Bodies to the Tower, the Third

Characters: Jade Harley (AU) and YOU!
Format: Starting in Action, will change if needed.
This log is: OPEN.
Location: The tower in the arena.
Summary: Jade bought a body. We're taking it to the tower. Shenanigans happen.
Warnings: Dead people...? Potentially the threat of a boss battle/violence, I'll update it if it happens.
hi everyone :)
i hope you are having a good week
and that the people in conquest arent feeling too bad
i heard what happened and i really am sorry....
i actually had a good reason for making a post today

i bought a body!
a dead one
and i think if we take it to the tower something might happen like last time and the time before
so anyone that is around later today, we should take it there and see what happens
it might be fun
but it could also be really dangerous, so please be careful if you are going to come
we will look after each other :)

i am going to start walking there now
the tower in the arena!!
anyone else who wants to join me, please feel free
i will be carrying the body....
could i have someone help me, though?
its really heavy

[ Jade is walking to the tower, hopefully with some friends to tote along what looks like an unfortunately dead OU Jade, complete with ears and god tier outfit. Jade is trying to simultaneously not grimace and also not smile -- so she really did die. This is confirmation.

Once there, Jade stands outside the tower and waits. ]

[ OOC: I am going to make a thread titled ACTION with various sub-threads, to keep the action parts in order. If you want to reply to Jade's text post, feel free to make a top-level comment! ]

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