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Characters: Brittany and anyone who comes across her!
Format: Any
This log is: OPEN
Location: Town
Summary: Still feeling very, very new to this place Britt decides to go exploring!

[Britt was one of the new arrivals here and she's trying to get used to this place. It's just so different to what she's used to but not in a bad way! She had read that journal cover to cover more than a few times and...she still doesn't get all of it but she'll get there eventually and that assembly? Yeah, she had no idea what was going on there either. But it doesn't bother her in the slightest. She's not one to worry about that kind of thing after all. The Fortitude campus is great and since Santana is like practically in charge she can see her whenever she wants to! She's definitely glad that her friend's here that's for sure. She doesn't know what she would do without S.

Well, for now Britt is wandering around town, eyes wide as she takes everything in....since she's looking around though she's not paying too much attention to where she's walking and trips over a curb, falling to the ground.]

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Merlin was also looking around town, he was a Player and so had the afternoons free. He was supposed to be fighting but he hadn't yet found anyone to fight.

He saw the girl fall and ran over to her. "Are you alright?"
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"You're a dancer?" Merlin looked at her leg, thinking that she probably should go and see the doctor at the infirmary.
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Merlin smiled, "You should dance here, I mean... I don't know where there is music but it is better than fighting!" He stared at the hand for a moment before taking it and kissing it lightly.

"It is lovely to meet you Brittany, I don't know who I am... well I do. But not my name." He waved his free hand, "It's a little bit annoying."
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"I don't! I'd be awful at dancing, I'm the clumsiest servant in Camelot!" He grinned again and shrugged, "I forgot it, you can call me whatever you like."
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sob ;;

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"That would be fun," After all without a job here there wasn't much to do apart from teach. And most his students already knew everything he tried to teach anyways.

"Colin?" He thought about it for a moment, it caused no headaches and was as good a name as any he supposed even if it sounded a little strange. Most people had strange names here. "I guess that's alright."
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"I'm in Fortitude, how about you?" He nodded, with a smile making note of the name.
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"That's great!" He grinned, "Do you need help getting back?" He gestured at her knee.
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Merlin shook his head with a small smile. "No, that way." He pointed in the other direction. "I'll come with you."
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"Almost a month I think." Merlin told her, not really sure having lost track of time. He walked next to her with a smile, "How about you?"
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Merlin grinned, "Who is S? Maybe I know her." He continued walking towards the school.
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"Oh the head prefect? She's from your world?" He had never met her; only heard rumours.

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"Not really, I've only seen her around."
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Merlin smiled, "I will then!" He wasn't sure she would like him back, he didn't think she was the most friendly person.
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[Santana sees her trip and laughs a bit]

C'mon, B.

[she offers her hand]
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[Jules makes a futile attempt to catch her, but given that he's not particularly close, fails miserably.

...did she fall over nothing? Normally he might expect it had to do with a restrictive outfit, but that's clearly not the case.]

Have you been hurt, Miss?