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Meh, it's so borin' without everyone around~. And there ain't any good music to listen to either.

So, like, does anyone wanna hang out or somethin'?
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We just got back this morning.

[Suzaku doesn't look good, he looks exhausted but mostly just sad. Lelouch was gone, he had known for days but returning to the city and seeing for himself...]

What were you thinking?
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I think there is a cinema in town. I haven't been there though and am not sure what films they show.
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At the end of town, just as the houses start. [He saw it once whilst wandering.]
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I'm not really a fan of films. [It's hard to be when all the films in your world are Britannian propaganda] I can't imagine what kind of films they would make here.
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Why would they have American films here?
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But why would they have them here?
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But we're not in your world. [Sorry America, he's not in the greatest mood...]
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Hey, why not just get some more people together and go see what they have? That'd be way better than just sitting around and speculating about it!
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[He just scowls and leaves this conversation because America is annoying him and he's more in the mood to tear the city apart; not see a film.]
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[Sora has no way of knowing that Suzaku isn't looking anymore...]

And besides, even if you don't like the films they have where you're from, they might have something here that you would like!
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[Sora's not sure what America just said, but it sounds good!]

Uh... yeah! So we should definitely go see something!

... Any idea when one starts?

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Yeah! Let's grab everyone we can find and go!

[And we should totally make a post where they do it.]
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I'm gonna start right now!

[Post made!.]
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[Alas, someone is in a super terrible mood.]

You're such a child, America. [Says the country younger than him.]