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Assembly [Both Schools]

On Sunday morning, a day that dawned bright if a bit crisp and cold the screens on the campus' instructed everyone to go to their foyers at twelve as normal. The Conquest students would see Day stood on stage with Santana, Cirno, Yuka and Suzaku. The Fortitude kids would see Dolorosa stood with Becca, Alex and Yuri.

However the two headmistress' were not the one who spoke, instead the screens flickered to life and it was Dunleavy's face that smiled down on them. "Hello students and teachers of Conquest and Fortitude, welcome to those who are new and I hope that those who went on the school trip last week had a fulfilling time. You all did well and the winners of our competition will be announced when they are compiled."

She smiled at them again, "I hope you are all ready to get back to work, and study hard this week. I will leave you to your studies with the list of those who are Players this week." With another smile she disappeared from the screen and the list came up.

Yuka Kazami

Komachi Onozuka
Sora Himoto

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