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Visiting a old friend to ease the worries of a troubled mind

Characters: Cirno and anyone else who wants to look for her.
Format: Any
This log is: Open
Location: Infirmary

After she was able to leave the assembly, Cirno went straight for a spot she had visited many times before when no one was watching her, The infirmary. She didn't even notice if she had been followed or not, not exactly caring if she was. She slipped into one room and pulled up a chair next to a comatose person and put her hat on the bed, her back to the door. She was quiet for a moment before she began to speak.

"Hey Nephenee...It's me again...It's a new round. I'm a player again but I don't think I'll win, Yuka, Komachi, America, Sora and Shion are all players as well. I'm going to try but...A lot of people are gone...there are so few of us left...I'm kinda glad you are still here but don't have to deal with everything coming our way, Like what I told you last time. Although I can't promise I won't do something stupid anymore. I just don't know what yet but I'm sure it will end up with me gettin' in trouble."

She goes quiet for a moment and smiles a bit sadly. She shakes her head a bit and continues to speak once more, her voice dropping to almost a whisper.

"I want to at least be able to say goodbye if you leave so please...wake up. So many people are not waking up or going home, I just don't know who could be next but...Please don't leave me behind. I miss you even though we barely got to talk with each other or work together as a team. You didn't care when I messed up...Please..."

The fairy wipes at her eyes a bit and bows her head, trying to at least compose herself once more. Her body is less tense and upset looking then it was when she hopped off of that stage but still no where near as calm of a front as she had been putting up lately.

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