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Characters: Arthur and you
Format: Action
This log is: open
Location: Forest
Summary: Just waking up from his coma-nap, Arthur decides that he needs some exercise. He also realizes he is an owned weapon, this must be Merlin's fault.
Warnings: general prattiness

[Arthur woke up from his coma not long ago, if Gaius were here he'd probably be ordered to have a bit more bed rest, but he's feeling antsy. He gets out of bed and heads over to the woods. By the state of his body he can tell that he's been out for a while and Arthur is not one to let himself get out of shape, no matter how often Merlin calls him fat.]

[It takes him a while to get back into his room and find his sword. He wonders how much time has gone by but doesn't let the thought trouble him for too long. Arthur picks up his sword and heads to the woods, nodding at those he passes. He probably should be teaching a class but he can't be bothered at the moment.]

Yes, I think this will do.

[He begins his stretching, his sword resting against a nearby tree.]
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[Guess who is watching him from the trees. Yup it is his servant who still doesn't know their names.] So you decided to wake up? [Because he hasn't been hovering round Conquest's gates begging news off people or anything. Not at all.]
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A few days. [Ignoring that first part because Merlin was perfectly capable of staying alive without Arthur... The other way round though...]

You missed all the important stuff of course.
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[How he survived Merlin doesn't know because he hasn't been doing any kind of decent job of it since.] You know round change, your lucky I found us a Player, so you wont have to eat that food they try and push on discards. I know you can't cope with anything less than a feast every night.

[See caring for you. All the time Arthur.]
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Never, I would never insinuate anything like that. And it is Komachi, you know Komachi right?
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Komachi. My friend. [He does have friends who are not you you know. Not that they are friends which makes it even more important that he has other friends.

This ones not an evil sorceress either.


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Arthur? [ Sora's thought process was startlingly similar to his, albeit she lacks a sword when she turns up. Who knows where she actually appears from, she just heard him... warming up... or something. She's only been out of her own coma for a few hours. ]

Good morning!
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I was going to train. [ she looks around, and eventually points further into the forest ] There's a clearing over there... but someone planted flowers in it while I was asleep.

[ oh wait ] We should train together!
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[ she obeys readily enough, shedding her school waistcoat and running through her basic gym-class stretches. ]
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[ :D........ ] Stretching.

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[As if he was the only one not teaching today. Leaning against a nearby tree is...]

Well, if it didn't, would I be here?
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[To be fair, she was here first.]

You're trying to get away from it all for a bit, right? There aren't a whole lot of other reasons to be all the way out here.
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And what would stop you from relaxing there? If it's your kingdom, no one should mind if you take a day off every now and then!
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Hey, wait a minute, a king... You're linked to someone, right? I think I might be your Player.

[Touhous, masters of the abrupt subject change.]

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