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Arthur Pendragon ([personal profile] unflinchable) wrote in [community profile] rakuen2012-10-20 09:52 pm
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Characters: Arthur and you
Format: Action
This log is: open
Location: Forest
Summary: Just waking up from his coma-nap, Arthur decides that he needs some exercise. He also realizes he is an owned weapon, this must be Merlin's fault.
Warnings: general prattiness

[Arthur woke up from his coma not long ago, if Gaius were here he'd probably be ordered to have a bit more bed rest, but he's feeling antsy. He gets out of bed and heads over to the woods. By the state of his body he can tell that he's been out for a while and Arthur is not one to let himself get out of shape, no matter how often Merlin calls him fat.]

[It takes him a while to get back into his room and find his sword. He wonders how much time has gone by but doesn't let the thought trouble him for too long. Arthur picks up his sword and heads to the woods, nodding at those he passes. He probably should be teaching a class but he can't be bothered at the moment.]

Yes, I think this will do.

[He begins his stretching, his sword resting against a nearby tree.]

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