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Round 16: Fortitute

Seemingly for once it's sunny during assembly, Dolorosa hopes that the nice weather will keep up. As per the usual, Dolorosa is up on stage with her Prefects and she begins her assembly exactly on time, smiling over them.

Once the crowd realized she was ready to begin and quieted down, she started her speech, "Hello again, I hope you all had a good round. I would like to start out by apologizing for the recent disturbances, it was merely a glitch in the system. Every once in a while the system will scan and search for the students, but this time it deemed there to be too few students and compensated for that. There is no need to be concerned, it has all been taken care of," if her easy smile is anything to go by, then really everything has been taken care of. For now.

She gives the students a few moments to discuss this among themselves before continuing on, "Sadly we did not win the round this time, but that is no reason to be discouraged, I know that you all tried your best and were a bit preoccupied with the system ghosts. It is nothing to worry about and I'm sure we will do better next round."

The screen behind her flashes, "The Players this round are Sora Himoto, Shion, and Merlin. I wish you all luck."

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