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Round 16 [Conquest]

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, making the morning pleasant before the usual signs went up on the screens. "Please report to the foyer at 12 noon for assembly."

A change from the last few weeks where assembles had been joint and held in the battle arena. Day was stood on the stage smiling faintly, with her were Santana, Flynn, Cirno, Yuka, Arthur and Suzaku. Conquest's prefects.

Once the small crowd was gathered Day stepped forwards. "Good morning," anyone who had been in any other assembly with Day would know this meant she was in a good mood indeed. "First of all I would like to commend you on your patience yesterday. I realise that some of you were a bit shaken but I assure you the error has been dealt with and it is nothing to worry about. We do not foresee any more problems."

That dealt with she gave a brighter smile before getting down to business. "I am pleased to announce that despite our small numbers we were triumphant last round. I would especially like to congratulate America for his victory over Sora. I trust that you will keep up the good work."

The screen changed from battle records to the list of Players for the next round. "The Players chosen to represent Conquest this round are Flynn Scifo, Arthur Pendragon and Cheshire Cat. Make me proud."

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