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[Video with some sounds around the dorms]

[There might have been doors slamming about the Prefect dorms on the Conquest grounds a while after the greeting of the people coming off of the train but after 3 or so slams, it was quiet. About a half an hour later there is a message on the network from the fairy.]


[The PDA is sitting on her desk, showing her staring at a little wooden box with groups of Memory charms and Upgrade rings. It's dark as she has blocked the light from the windows. She's not wearing her uniform or her usual dress, instead she is wearing her neon blue t-shirt that looks like it could fit 3-4 of her in it. She's writing on a piece of paper with a blue marker for a moment before looking at the PDA, eyes hidden by her hair.]

Oh...To those who knew her....Nephenee has gone home. I have her upgrade and memory charm.

[She puts the items back into the little box and puts it on her bedside table. She slips off of her bed and floats over to the PDA because if she was walking, she would have tripped and fallen with the shirt. She wipes at her eyes, which now that she is close can be seen from under her bangs, are sad and slightly red from crying.]

I'm going back to bed...Lock the door and never's safer that way...

[And with that, the video ends. Those in the dorms might hear the soft click of the lock from her room and then nothing else.]
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You alright?
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Is someone tryin' to hurt ya!
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What do ya mean? I'm gonna come over!
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Haha! Ya don't have to worry about me! I'm the Hero!
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Haha! Of course it does!
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[action, a little time after the video]

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[He didn't go straight away, he knew she would need time after sending that message but he felt... responsible for the tiny fairy that lived downstairs from him and so he went to get some food at lunch time for her and knocked on her door.]

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I wont... [He paused because he can't really promise that, he doesn't know what makes people disappear.] I'm here now... Can you let me in?
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You can't blame yourself for this Cirno. And you shouldn't lock yourself away. It's not healthy.
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I would be sad if you disappeared... [Not that he could get much sadder, but Cirno was a friend and it would hurt to lose her.] Sometimes we can't see the good of what we have done... I am sure it helped, even if we don't know how yet.
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I know. But I think the disappearances are something different. Something else we have to stop... separate from the towers.

We did it right, and we have to keep going... [A pause] Did you get the broach? As a reward?
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I don't know yet, but there must be away. [He pauses when she answers.] Did you read the note that came with it?
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[He had guessed as much...] If you take it to one of the towers and leave it there you may take a weapon and bring it out of the tower with you.
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[Suzaku turned at the opening of the door and nodded at Cirno's eye] There are... but I can go with you in you want.
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Oh [He had never been with others, but if Cirno said that was what happened.] I'm sure you can. Then you can have one of your friends weapons.
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[Originally uninterested in Cirno's plight, Naesala is about to bypass her post when something catches his attention.]

Do you mean Nephenee of Crimea? [He remembers the beorc briefly. A female with flowing hair who was adept with a lance. Though they never truly spoke, her tales of valor and skill were well known throughout the army.]
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Re: [Voice] Not late! o/

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Was her weapon a lance? [Although he can pretty much hazard a guess that this is indeed the person he's thinking of.]
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Re: [Voice]

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What do you mean by "asleep?"
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[Yuka just looks shocked for a moment, and then facepalms.]

It just never seems to end, does it?
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I don't even want to imagine that... but I'll take care of it for you if it does.

Just... please don't hide too much. Losing you while you're still here... that'd be too much.