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Conquest Round 17

When the students and teachers of Conquest filed into the hall for assembly Day stood with her group of prefects on stage looking not too impressed.

"Good afternoon," She greated them, "I hear that congratulations is in order. The third tower is open, even with your small numbers you succeeded. I am almost impressed."

She gave them a stern look, "But you only drew. I have told you before that drawing is not acceptable." A ripple of pain went through the audience, nothing serious. Indeed for those who were relatively new and had not seen Day at her angriest then it was possible they might think they had imagined it. A mere brush, a warning.

"Congratulations to Arthur Pendragon and Flynn Scifo who both won their battles, Cheshire; I hope you try better next time." Cheshire would feel pain then, just for a couple of seconds.

"The mayor will now speak to you." The screen flickered to life behind her and Dunleavy sat on the other side smiling kindly. "Well done, you opened the third tower and are one step closer to your goal. I hope you all enjoy your rewards and use them wisely. I shall now read to you the next part of the legend."

The previous parts of the legend came up on the screen behind her and Dunleavy began to read.

"Once, the Knight had not eaten for many days. All grew dark. The path was no longer clear, but the Knight did not waver. On the path, the Knight found a silver bowl, and in the bowl was a meal fit for a king. At first, the Knight suspected a trick by the Demon Lord. But at that moment, a tiny, pale bird flew across the path. Into the bowl fell a single rose petal. The Knight ate of the meal, and became strong again." There was a silence and then Dunleavy smiled again, "I hope the next round goes well for you."

She faded and Day looked back to the audience. "The next group of Players better win, and fight more. I know their aren't many of you but even more reason to fight with everyone you can. You need all the strength you can get." The list of names came up on the screen behind her.

Arthur Pendragon

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