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Round 17: Fortitude

It was time for another assembly and Dolorosa was ready to go through her normal spiel, except today was a bit different. This was an assembly after a boss battle.

"Hello everyone, before we start our usual announcements I would have you turn your attention the screen behind me, we have a special announcement from our mayor, the next part of the legend," she smiles serenely out over her students before turning to the screen.

Dunleavy sat on the other side smiling kindly. "Well done, you opened the third tower and are one step closer to your goal. I hope you all enjoy your rewards and use them wisely. I shall now read to you the next part of the legend."

The previous parts of the legend came up on the screen behind her and Dunleavy began to read.

"Once, the Knight had not eaten for many days. All grew dark. The path was no longer clear, but the Knight did not waver. On the path, the Knight found a silver bowl, and in the bowl was a meal fit for a king. At first, the Knight suspected a trick by the Demon Lord. But at that moment, a tiny, pale bird flew across the path. Into the bowl fell a single rose petal. The Knight ate of the meal, and became strong again." There was a silence and then Dunleavy smiled again, "I hope the next round goes well for you."

"Take from that what you may, but remember that the legend is an important part of your time here," she paused to make sure everyone took in her words, "Moving forward, last round ended in a draw but the important thing is you defeated the third boss after the opening of the tower. Congratulations."

"Next round's Players are:
Sora Himoto

Good luck and have a good round."
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[Teacher, teacher! Question!]

[A nation aproacheth...]
What does the legend have to do with anything?
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It's just a fairytale isn't it? How could that be important to our being brought here?
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[Merlin listened to the legend, this was the second tower to have been opened whilst he had been here and the legend interested him. It sounded like riddle...

He got out his notepad and wrote it down as quick as he could when it was still on the screen flicking past his half written letter to the man who was almost a father to him... whose name he still couldn't remember.

When the names came up he looked around, hoping someone could let him know if he was a Player.]
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"Since you are the only one who looks quite so uncertain, I would hazard a guess that you are a player." Even if Asagi didn't know Merlin, he was a detective after all.
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Merlin blinked at the man who approached him, he had seen him around of course but had never spoke to him. "I'm not sure..." He grinned and shrugged, "I've forgotten my name..."
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So he was right. "You are the only person who does not seem to know exactly what to do, so I had surmised such. If you vow with me and your mark shows up, we will know for certain that you are a player." It was a pretty easy solution, as far as Asagi saw it.
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"I guess so..." Merlin nodded at him, "I promise to protect you as my Weapon." He looked to see if the mark appeared.
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Asagi loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, checking his chest. He showed Merlin the symbol with a grin. "Not remembering your name cannot be easy."
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Merlin nodded, "It is a pain at times." Most the time. Especially when a certain king called him by name on purpose to make him zone out.
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Shion had never heard the legend before except the part heard on the train and he listened with interest. An old story... He wondered if it meant anything.

When his name was called out again he didn't hesitate before looking around for any of his friends that might want a Player.
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Of course Alex is there, basically inseparable from Shion.
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Shion turned to him, "Want to vow again?" He already knew the answer but it would be rude not to ask.
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Alex laughed a bit, "'course!" He liked Shion as his player. It was comfortable and safe, all things together.
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"Becca wont mind?" Shion didn't think she would but he didn't just want to vow with them both without checking.
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This was getting rather repetitive for America. "Dude, can't we do somethin' different?"
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((OOC: Hey quick heads up I think you got muddled! America is in Conquest!))
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{OOC: Oops, wrong one. XD}