Jan. 8th, 2012

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You are brought to your campus and shown to your dorm rooms before you are given permission to wander the campus and the town. Meaning Fortitude students can mingle with Conquest students, they can go visit the shop (shop post will be up later today), or speak to the headmistresses and mayor. Each student now has the Exaclan manuals, a uniform, a school bag with either a shield or a sword on it, and the glove used to pull weapons.

But make sure to come to the battle area later to see the exhibition match! 

Take advantage of the free day, the freedom won't last long. Sooner rather than the later the round will start, Players will be named, Weapons will lose their privileges, and the battles will begin. So you might as well go out and make friend or start rivalries, anything to help you along later in the round.
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Whilst the four still tied to a school had been up since that morning, warned only at the last minute about the incoming train, Recette had managed to sleep in and avoid the panic. In fact, the first hint she got that all was not as it had been was the Mayor paying her a visit near midday and inviting her to watch the arrivals. She had; she'd exclaimed over the variety and how many new friends they were going to have now - it had been a little lonely that week, with just six of them who weren't parts of the city instead of people - and then she hurried back to get her shop open.

So! The sign proclaims RAKETTE: OFFICIAL EXACLAN SHOP, and the entire facade is covered in a fresh coat of bright paint. The snow in front of the shop has been swept away, making it highly obvious on the street. Items are arrayed on shelves and in the windows of the shop - charms, foodstuffs, uniforms and sundry items of clothing. She hadn't really had any idea what the new people might like when she was setting up, so most of it is just leftover stock from their session, but maybe they'd find something they liked. She hopes so. There are a fair few jumpers, hoodies, coats and scarves on the tables inside the shop.

The interior sorted, she sets the sign out in the road: WELCOME TO RAKUEN! FREE WALNUT BREAD FOR NEW STUDENTS AND TEACHERS! SPECIAL OFFER: PDAs ONLY 8 RAKS. and waits for someone to enter the main street.

[ooc: for a list of basic prices, see here. For an explanation of money, look helpless in front of Recette.]
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