Jan. 16th, 2012

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I need some help with some social studies network.

The teacher assigned a question asking to compare a monarchy and democracy.

Can someone explain to me what a democracy is first?

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Format: Prose or [action]
This log is: OPEN
Location: Fortitude School
Summary: World History with Spain. Your choice of before, during, or after.
Notes: If you want to play before or after class, feel free to mingle with others. The after class option is open to everyone, not just students.
Do Nations create History? Or does History create Nations? )
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Characters: PROFESSOR WEINBERG AND YOU. Yes all of you.
Format: ANY
This log is: v. v. open
Location: Conquest's Fashion classroom
Summary: I'll make a code geass cast member out of you. aka bring on the ruffles and cat-ear headbands.
Warnings: Gino.
this ain't a scene it's a train wreck )
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