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 [Reimi finally gets the thing on, and frowns a little]

So we need to go into this ship to win the round, correct? Well, I was wondering if anyone in Fortitude needed a Player. You see, while I have two weapons, I don't think they will want to fight so much, so...does anyone else need a Player?
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Characters: Nanami and Jade
Format: action
This log is: closed
Location: Fortitude campus
Summary: Jade achieves outbreak during her dungeon adventures, and thus receives a promotion, a new bedroom, and a sweet hat.
Warnings: none
no time to explain take this hat )
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1. Open. CRASH. On the first floor of the Black Dorm, a window breaks and Rose Lalonde falls through it. She wonders vaguely why the place doesn't have an open entrance; she searched the building's whole exterior, after all. She picks herself up and starts feeling along the wall. Somehow she's going to have to find Dave's room.

2. Closed to Daenerys. Having navigated to the second floor, she eventually (with a little help) finds the correct room. Someone in here witnessed Dave's death, and she intends to find out who.

3. Open to prefects. Rose leaves the way she came, more hurriedly now in order to avoid any patrolling prefects. This also makes her more likely to run into someone.

[ OOC: Regarding #1, Rose has forgotten how doors work. Action or prose is fine! ]
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