Apr. 8th, 2012

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uh, okay, i think i passed out and then woke up in the nurse's office or something.
and i have a hell of a headache.
what happened?

[sent to Dave's PDA]

lol, hey man.
why the hell were you singing to me in text?
you're a dumbass.
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As you all crowd onto the platform and peer through the thick fog that chills the air, you are met by five girls and six boys. One of the girls is a somewhat humanoid grey-skinned, finned alien, but the rest all seem human. All eleven are in uniforms that would match if not for the colour differences - skirts and trousers, waistcoats, and light summer shirts that seem totally inappropriate for the light rain. They're all sodden and cold, and some are irritable while others look excited. Each has a beret with a crest pinned to the front - five depicting a shield on green, the other six a sword on red.

At the first lull in the chatter, one sickly-pale, shield-crested girl speaks up, cutting through your conversations with her cold, soft voice.

"Attention, please."

She explains that the eleven of them are the current prefects of Rakuen, representing the two schools on the island. Nanami, she points to herself, Yuri, Sonic, Jade, and Lelouch of Fortitude; and Santana, Flynn, Feferi, Gino, Nephenee and Kevin of Conquest. She doesn't care to explain why the prefects in red and white outnumber those in green and black two to one.

Santana interrupts, "Yeah, yeah. Look, come over when your name is called so we can all get inside." They all move to stand in two groups some distance away from each other, and the two that spoke read off names from their clipboards.
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