Apr. 11th, 2012

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Characters: Everyone! All of you! Old characters, New characters, heroes of the dungeon or those who drowned in frogs!
Format: Whatever your heart decides
This log is: Party post! The most open!
Location: Battle arena and streets around it, rest day afternoon after the train arrives
Summary: The first dungeon has been defeated! The townspeople celebrate with a party
Warnings: Shouldn't be except for mentions of dungeon stuff, but add in the subject lines if there are any

Time to celebrate! )
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[The first thing you notice is that the video feed is shaking slightly. It's mostly pointed up towards the ceiling, but you can see Dave's back as he seems to be hunched over something at his desk. There's a crap ton of wire taped over the ceiling of his bed and area, photos being hung with clothespins fro them. Generally speaking, it seems that Dave has settled into his dorm, and it's starting to get a little messy. Hopefully no one in his dorm minds that his shelves are covered with, what looks to be, some dead animals preserved strangely. There's a few bugs encased in tree sap and he even has a jar with...well you aren't sure what it is from the video feed.

The next thing you know is that there's some music playing. It isn't anything that the locals are playing at the little post dungeon party, but something you'd hear at a club. Dave is swaying back and forth to the music, his foot tapping to the beat and his head bobbing slightly. He finally pulls the headphones off his ears, so they can rest around his neck. Dave gets up from his seat and makes his way over, turning off the feed. A minute or two later though, there's some text.

my friends
is how music should be done

[If you live in the Black dorms, you might notice your walls are shaking and constantly hearing his music. Well, sucks to be you. It doesn't seem like he's stopping anytime soon.]

[Failed Private Lock to Jade Harley, John Egbert, and Rose Lalonde.]

lets go swimming
oh gdi
that was supposed to be private
lets do this
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