Apr. 13th, 2012

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[Kanda was in a very bad place right now. Being told what to do by people he hardly knew in a place he didn't even think really existed had made him incredibly angry. He had no patience, every single face that came across him made his fingertips itch for his sword. He knew better though, he found himself a nice secluded place: the lake.]

If I hear one more stupid request, order, or so much as an annoying sound out of anything breathing I am going to kill it.

[Charming words for an introduction. He crossed his arms, examined the ground for a moment, and then decided to sit on it.]

Is this why they kidnap people, to make them teach in their stupid school? I'm not getting involved in this, you don't hassle me around and get away with it. When I get my hands on the one responsible for this... [And then he remembered there were more important things at the moment.]

Does anyone know someone with the name Allen Walker?
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Characters: Sonic and YOU!
Format: Any
This log is: open
Location: All over the grounds, and in Fortitude dorms. Prefect dorms too.
Summary: Come meet the hedgehog! Or let him see you get into trouble and he will catch you.
Warnings: NONE
That Is Me! )
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Characters: Marik and Ishizu Ishtar
Format: Action. Yes.
This log is: Closed
Location: Somewhere in the hallways of the Conquest Dorms
Summary: In which Marik finally notices his sister is here.
Warnings: Feels. Many, many feels.
Family tiems, get! )
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