Apr. 26th, 2012

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I've found some left-behind items -- upgrades and memory charms -- belonging to a former roommate of mine and a boy who was roomed next door. As nobody else has claimed them by this point, I felt I should offer them up, as I believe they both had family here. If I remember correctly, their names were Dave and Dirk Strider.

(( The old, long-since-dropped Dave and Dirk from Conquest, that is. AU!Dave will be claiming the items. ))
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asl club???
lets just say its on some indefinite hiatus
going to just put that on the shelf
let it get kind of homely before we grab at it again
maybe get friendly with the dust even
i can recommend books if youre just like
omg i need to learn right now!!!
other than that
im outtie
this week is fucking ridiculous
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