May. 2nd, 2012

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Characters: Lelouch vi Britannia, the Britannian Empire, Suzaku, Nanami, and anyone else wanting to harass Lelouch shortly after the monster fight was over.
Format: Prose preferred, will match
This log is: Open for one thread, three others are closed
Location: Prefect's dorm, Arena tower, and in Fortitude's cafeteria
Summary: ITP: Lance handles a few thread obligations at once:
One, Lelouch and Suzaku explore the tower after the wyrm is killed.
Two, Lelouch and Britannia have a heart to heart.
Three, Lelouch needs to pick Nanami's brain.
Fourth, there is an opportunity for Fortitude students to come hang out and get some CR with your prefect.
Warnings: Manipulations imminent.
Multi-part posts ftw! )
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Characters: Vriska Serket [OU] and YOU!
Format: Action but I'll match!
This log is: open
Location: EVERYWHERE. First prompt will be locked to her roommates but the second one is open to everyone.
Summary: Vriska's woken up from her sleep coma and is ready to fuck some shit up. Aka figure out how long she's been sleeping and what's been going on while she's been wasting time her blanket cocoon.
Warnings: Vriska is a warning all her own. Probably just language, maybe some violence idk.
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So i suppose it would be good form to introduce myself on this thingamajig.
I must say its frightfully more complex than just the simple pesterchum messenger that im used to using which i sort of boondoggling considering how archiac these computers are.

In any case hello citizens of rakuen!
My name is jake english and i am now playing for fortitude.
I hope all of you lovely gents at conquest are prepared for a continuing losing streak!
All in good fun of course i mean no hard feelings but my best bro and i certainly aren't going down without kicking and scratching the whole way!!

Right then i understand that this is a day we use for our own shits and giggles.
Any ideas on what to occupy my time with?

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