May. 27th, 2012

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[Not long after the assembly...]

[Becca has a PDA with video function now, but she's had that for a little bit. That's not the important thing. She tosses it onto her bed and it turns on accidentally. She sits down with a memory charm, which she puts on eagerly. Almost immediately, her eyes go wide, and she tips over onto the bed, drawing her knees to her chest. She cries out in fear and remembered pain, shuddering horribly as tears fall from her eyes.]

[WARNING: Becca just got back a memory involving a physically abusive childhood. While she won't dump this on just anyone who responds, there is a good chance it might come up at least in passing. PLEASE indicate your limits when responding so I can keep her responses within your comfort zone. I can keep threads completely trigger free if that's what you would like, but please tell me what you need. Please exercise caution when reading comment threads to this entry as there may be triggering content in the individual threads.]
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