Jun. 7th, 2012

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[The video starts with an uncertain looking Jake glancing into the webcam on the computer he's sitting at.]

So I've taken it upon myself to be the one to make this post out of our little entourage. Taking dead things into the tower is not a terribly bright idea. You don't get them back.

[And he, honestly hesitates because he feels like that's so little but he really has nothing else to say. The video ends.]


Jun. 7th, 2012 03:45 am
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[How does the PDA things get turned on anyways? No matter. If you're watching this video you're seeing a rustle of bed sheets, and Sis open complaining to an infirmary nurse that she doesn't need to stay here and she wont be staying here.

Who the fuck cares about a concussion, she is completely fine. The tournament match was nothing, Arthur didn't hit her that hard. She is so fine, finer than fine. Oh does this nurse really want to play like that.

Sis is just going to leave the video feed with her threatening to take that IV line out of her arm and just ninja out of the window. Yes, she is ironically saying all of these things and threatening to make an extremely dumb anime exit.
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