Jul. 5th, 2012

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Hello folks of Rakuen, if you don't know me by now my name is Jane Crocker. I think I have been doing a pretty swell job of avoiding a network post until now. The thing is here is that I made some cake and I think all of Rakuen should have some sort of treat for all of their hard work in classes and battle alike.

[She's made shit loads of things for just Fortitude, so why not all of Rakuen?]

It's being held at the Bakery in town if anyone wants some of it. [She used a whole three boxes of cake mix to make this and she's plum proud of it!]

I'll also be a round town if you want to go for a walk or something! So, see you guys later and enjoy the cake!

[The feed cuts; however, a private feed to Dirk still remains.]

Dirk, will you meet me in town please? Asap, if you don't mind.
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