Jul. 8th, 2012

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I certainly wasnt prepared for the surprise nap this place strong armed me into taking but it looks like im back.
It would figure i would just miss saturday of all days.
Anywho if weve gotten some new meat over the last day welcome to rakuen!
My name is jake english and i guess im one of these spiffy prefects you can come to for questions and the like! Dont hesitate to say hello!

More seriously... ive recently become privy to a lot of important information regarding my world ...er universe?
At this point im pretty sure were dealing with multiple universes here which makes things a whole lot more freaking complicated!

But anyone from our little corner of paradox space: i think it might be time we all sat down for a little powwow and exchanged notes!
What do you say??

[Replies will be in green!]
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