Jul. 9th, 2012

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[ action ]

[ After having some additional memories jammed into his skull, Dirk's come to the conclusion that whatever the fuck is going on with that waking self of his that the arena tower ate, he's going to be just fine when he goes home. At least, that's the way it appears.

So he can be found Sunday afternoon out by the lake, holding the bottle he received as a prize for the phoenix fight. There's a letter rolled up inside.

He tosses it out into the water. ]

[ video ]

[ Dirk making a post that's not text? Is the world coming to an end?

No, actually, it seems he just wanted to show off a couple of friends of his.

The one who looks like a robotic Dirk happens to be wearing a Fortitude girls' school uniform. ]

Hey, Rakuen. Meet Brobot and Lil Sebastian. [ He gestures to the mecha-Dirk and then to the mecha-bunny, in turn. ] They're creations of mine who were lovingly ordered from our very own Rakette by my good pal Jane Crocker. You'll be seeing them around the city from now on, as they'll be keeping an eye on shit both to assist me in my duties as a prefect, and to help me gather information pertaining to our imprisonment in Rakuen.

They aren't actual people, so don't bother trying to vow with them. It won't work. [ He tried. ] I have, however, provided Brobot with a PDA of his own. If you're unable to reach me for any reason, text him.

[ And with that out of the way... ]

Speaking of vowing, I'm a Player this round. If you need one, I'm available. And if you want someone to fight, I'm more than up for that.
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