Jul. 15th, 2012

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Characters: Jake, Dirk, Dave (x2), Jade (x2), maybe Jane, Sis, and anyone else relevant to Jake's post before.
Format: Action is probably best.
This log is: open ish. You know who you are.
Location: Rakuen's public library
Summary: Paradox Space Powwow.
Warnings: tba if any
Guaranteed to be a clusterfuck )
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Characters: Merlin and anyone, also Dirk
Format: I'm starting in prose but will switch
This log is: Open!
Location: Fortitude infirmary, Fortitude campus, Conquest campus
Summary: Merlin wakes up from his twelve day nap, he wanders round Fortitude, Dirk escorts him across the city to Conquest so he can find his Player.
Warnings: None so far
Apparently sleeping for twelve days was common here... )
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