Sep. 9th, 2012

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As Sunday dawned students would once again be informed via screens that all students were to report to the battle arena for a joint assembly. Worrying considering the events of last week.

However once the prefects had escorted the last of the students into the battle arena and Dunleavy came to the stage she smiled.

"Greetings, I hope everyone had a good round. I am pleased to announce that Conquest won this round, I hope you spend your extra raks wisely. Congratulations to those who won battles both within their schools; Suzaku Kururugi, Ein and Jack Noir of Conquest and Rebecca Harcourt, Nanami Asagi and Merlin of Fortitude."

She smiled again glad to be reporting good news for once instead of bad, "Also to those who won interschool battles; Arthur Pendragon and Yuka Kazami both of Conquest. No one won the round but do not be dismayed, the winning conditions are meant to challenge you and I am sure you will all do even better in future."

So far there seemed to be no reason why this assembly was here and not in the schools as usual but Dunleavy continued.

"This next week shall be the fourteenth round since you began to arrive, you have all worked very hard regardless of whether you arrived fourteen weeks ago or just last week. This next week is therefore a chance for you to relax and have fun, catch up on school work and let your hair down. There shall be no school and no required battling. I do however expect you to behave yourselves." Certain members of the audience got a level look at that.

"Some of you have been selected to go on a school trip, I am sure you will have a lot of fun, and make many new friends whilst reforging old bonds." Again as sometimes happened with Dunleavy she spoke as if she were reading, her voice flat. Names came up on the screen and she read them aloud.

Suzaku Kururugi
Flynn Scifo
Arthur Pendragon
Cheshire Cat
Vanezio Lykastis
Yuka Kazami
Hikaru Hitachiin
Kaoru Kitachiin
Yosuke Hanamura

Rebecca Harcourt
Yuri Lowell
The Holy Empire of Britannia
Sora Himoto
Alex Furest
Komachi Onozuka
Nanami Asagi
Brittany Speares
Jules de Ferrier
Sora Himoto
Juri Arisugawa"

The list was longer than a usual player list and when she was finished Dunleavy turned back to the audience. "If your name has been called out you have one hour to gather your things, clothes suitable for traveling will be on your bed and there is a packed lunch for everyone in the common rooms of your dorms to eat on the train. If your have extra warm clothes or coats please bring them as it may get cool especially at night. Once you are ready please report to the train station."
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The clothes Dunleavy had mentioned were simple light trousers, three plain t shirts in school colours, a warm jumper; again in school colours and a pair of walking boots. There was also a small rucksack so spare clothes and other belongings could be packed.

On the platform NPCs were loading what seemed to be tents, cooking stoves and sleeping bags into the hold. Those chosen were ushered onto the train and told to sit wherever they liked.

Once everyone had arrived the whistle sounded and for the first time in fourteen weeks the train set off in the opposite direction. Smoke whistled happily past the window as they began to go faster past meadows and trees.

Then, quite suddenly everyone began to feel very sleepy. "There is a story everyone knows..." It was that old dream again, lulling you in and you find your eyes dropping against your will...

When you wake up the train is slowing and the countryside looks different, mountainous, rougher; a little more wild.

"Attention everyone, the train is approaching it's final destination. Please be ready to leave the train in half an hour." As people shake off the last of the sleep this message continues.

Then it changes, "You will notice that some of your now possess a coloured exaclan glove on your chair, others will notice a coloured ring. Please put them on now. Your first task is to find your Player if you are a Weapon, or your Weapon if you are a Player. Find the person whose colour matches yours."

((The information post that has the colours and pairs is here!))
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