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Backdated to Rest Day

Characters: Spain and you.
Format: [action] or prose
This log is: Open
Location: Outside the battle arena
Summary: Spain has a football and wants to play with Rakuen. Obviously there is only one ball so feel free to threadjack to take it away. Or you can pretend you already got it back and just start a new thread, haha. 
On the rest day, anyone on their way to the Mercantile or Residential areas can find Spain just outside the arena. Now that he doesn't have to worry about getting into any fights or penalties of any sort, today is a good day to relax and have fun.

Spain has a football and is showing off different tricks. All seems to be going well until he tries to do a rather complicated one which sends the ball rolling away. . .
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Kotaro was exploring, he had told Sam and Naphenee where he was going, so that they wouldn't worry. He hadn't met many people on his explorations yet so he smiled when he came across the man playing with a ball.

When it rolled towards him he picked it up and went to give it back to the man with a smile. "Here you go!"
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"Kick it?" Kotaro grinned at him, "Why?"
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"No," Kotaro shook his head and smiled, "Is it fun?"
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"Would you? That would be great!" He bounces in excitement, he loves learning new things!
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Kotaro grinned and nodded, "Okay!" The ball came towards him and he kicked forward with his foot his toes nudging the ball forward a bit. "Is that right?"
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Kotaro smiled and nodded this time kicking it hard towards Spain, towards spain meant a good two feet to the side of him. He grinned, wobbling a little. "Is that better?"
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"Okay!" He grinned and ran after the ball when it was kicked towards it, don't let it get away! He dived on it to make it stay still before standing up and kicking it back!
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"What's a keeper?" He giggled and ran after the ball again diving on it once again to stop it. He kicked it back running back to Spain with a grin.