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Characters: All of them
Format: All the formats
This log is: Incredibly open
Location: The small island on the lake, also in the lake
Summary: Giant tortoise is attacking! Fight for your lives!
Warnings: Battle scenes and a few people might die?
Go, fight, win )
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Characters: Anyone facing the Firebird.
Format: Whatever you like!
This log is: open
Location: Conquest campus, starting from the tower plaza and spreading outwards.
Summary: As the Conquest Tower opens, the island enters its second boss battle. Read this if you're confused.
Warnings: Fire.
[ This battle is nowhere near as surprising as the arena wyrm's attack, but there's something fundamentally terrifying about globs of fire raining down on you from the sky that that last one didn't have. Whilst the buildings, with their sudden blue sheen, seem immune to the flames, the Players and Weapons outside of them are a tad more exposed.

The firebird is content to make regular, swooping passes at the fighters, which whilst dangerous due to its talons, puts it within range of the melee weapons. It isn't very fast, and is forced to avoid the roofs of the campus in its attacks. Its fire is only dangerous when it's directly overhead. ]
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[Let's make this short simple and sweet. There is a network post that goes up, it's Sis. Looking better than fucking ever. She's addressing Dave with sign language.]

'Dave. I need to speak with you. Return my message immediately.
Unless you want to get schooled while you aren't even paying attention.
That's right, I'm calling you out, bro.'

[She doesn't care is it's only eleven in the morning. Now Dirk, who would be later on in the day.]

Dirk Strider. Meet me in town at 6 in the evening, don't be late.

[Everyone surrounding the areas at this time would be able to witness two separate rap battles. One with sign language and one without. Sis had to put these two in their places, and fast. There would be no disrespecting her authority as long as she's alive.]
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Characters: Everyone who answers Lelouch's call and turns up at the arena
Format: all the formats
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle. Make your own sub threads, have fun!
Warnings: Huge Wyrm attacking, big battle, so injury maybe death.
Time to fight... )
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Rebecca Harcourt vs. Shion

Weapons: Sakuya & Sora
Location: In Front of Fortitude Dorms
Time of day: Afternoon

[Becca reaches forward to tap Shion on the arm with the flat side of the knife, not even bothering to pretend to be fighting him.]
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Lelouch vi Britannia vs. Feferi Peixes

Weapons: Kotarou and Britannia vs Suzaku
Location: Grassy area near Fortitude's campus
Time of day: After class Monday

Emphasis on <i>try</i> )
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Gino Weinberg vs. Dave Strider

Weapons: Aisha Clanclan and John Egbert
Location: Battle arena.
Time of day: HIGH NOON. Backdated to... idek Tuesday was it? Yeah.

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Suzaku Kururugi vs. Estonia

Weapons: Lelouch vi Britannia and Lithuania
Location: Conquest campus
Time of day: After school

Suzaku was sat on a bench in the courtyard, he was still angry after fighting Gino. Angry at himself mostly for losing. Not only for failing to win Nunnally but for losing Don. Though Suzaku was sure that Gino would be nice enough to the people who had joined him as weapons. Even if he were a traitor and in league with Zero, a fact Suzaku was still coming to terms with.

He looked over to Lelouch before looking at the floor again. "I'll try again, we know what her weapon is now..."
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Suzaku Kururugi vs. England

Weapons: America and America (AU)
Location: In town
Time of day: Evening

Suzaku was still a bit wary of America, it wasn't that America had done anything in particular he was just loud and brash. A little bit like some Britannians that Suzaku knew though he seemed to came from a world where Britannia did not exist. Still they were in town together, Suzaku figured he should get to know those he was stuck here with.
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Dave Strider vs. Estonia

Weapons: Sora Himoto and Sis Strider
Location: Battle Arena
Time of day: Afternoon; After School

Dave didn't know what to expect. He didn't know who had Sis, so he couldn't assume whether this would be a hard match up or not. He was going to assume it would be troublesome. It was safer to assume the worst in this place, considering some of the matches he had went through.

But he was determined to get Sis. It was stupid, now that he thought about it. Almost kind of clingy. But he wanted her around and god damn it, it's pretty messed up when you can't even touch your own sibling. It was easy to convince Sora to be his weapon for the match. The girl was easily excited about most things, and he guessed the chance to meet Sis was a pretty good incentive for the other.

He stood in the Battle Arena, fidgeting with the glove in his hand idly, ready (or hoping he was ready) for his opponent. But at the same time, he didn't feel too tense. It was almost like strifing with Sis. And that was a familiar feel in a place that wasn't familiar at all.
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Yuri Lowell vs. Suzaku Kururugi

Weapons: Rebecca Harcourt and Homura Akemi
Location: In Town
Time of day: After school

Lelouch had managed to convince Suzaku that they should fight. That they should play this game and make sure that everyone had their memories back before they moved to bring down those who had brought them here.

Suzaku had agreed and so here he was in town, with Homura since he had promised her he would use her weapon a lot, to meet Yuri and Rebecca.
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Dave Strider vs. Suzaku Kururugi

Weapons: Vriska Serket and Homura Akemi
Location: Battle Arena
Time of day: Afternoon(After School)

Honestly, Dave was beginning to think being Player to all these girls was kind of cumbersome. Why did they all have to have so many friends? Jegus christ, it's like suddenly he has to find all their friends from Conquest and try to get them back. He's not all that miffed though. If gave him something to do, and a little friendly fighting wasn't bad right?

It's why Dave is standing at the Battle Arena in town, waiting for Suzaku. He didn't really talk to Suzaku before. He was vaguely aware that the guy wasn't so bad.

Dave only got in contact because Madoka got in contact with Homura and it just went from there. He did tell Vriska he intended to fight with her, so here it was. Maybe it'll shut her up and he doesn't have to be around her being so insufferable for a little bit. Dave didn't have anything against this Suzaku guy. Dave just didn't like to lose. And he was a man on a mission. That mission, apparently having a bunch of girls which he barely knew.
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Suzaku Kururugi vs.Dahlia Hawthorne

Weapons: Feferi Peixes and Lelouch vi Britannia
Location: Grassy area in town
Time of day: Directly after school

Suzaku and Feferi were waiting at the place they had agreed to meet Dahlia and Lelouch, although Suzaku was confident that he could win this he was nervous, as a trident was a weapon he had only used in practice. He looked to Feferi to check she was okay, and waited quietly for the others.
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Weapons: Marisa Kirisame and Estonia
Location: in town, by the woods
Time of day: Tuesday afternoon
we'll fight like twenty armies and we won't give up )
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Shion vs. Homura Akemi

Weapons: Madoka Kaname and Ramona Flowers
Location: Grassy area in town
Time of day:After school on Monday

Just as Shion had promised... )
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Suzaku Kururugi vs. Zoro Roronoa

Weapons: Shoryu and Elizabeθ Buckley
Location: Gym
Time of day: Morning

He had lost, lost to Gino and therefore lost Huashi. Gino had refused to transfer her back, which seemed to infuriate the girl no end and meant that Suzaku had to try and win her back off Gino as well as Nunnally.

But getting back Nunnally was the main aim, before Gino got desperate or bored and used her weapon. A lot of people would get hurt if he did and as the days went on Suzaku was getting more and more worried.

To add to his worries Lelouch was still adamant about fighting Gino, despite the fact that Suzaku hadn't been able to beat the taller (and now older) knight. Still Suzaku shook the thoughts out of his head and concentrated on the here and now. He needed to try and win another weapon, though if he used Theta's weapon it meant he could fight unarmed.

But he would still feel better if he had another weapon as well, to fall back on and that meant attempting to beat this man, Zoro. He waited silently for him to appear.
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