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[There might have been doors slamming about the Prefect dorms on the Conquest grounds a while after the greeting of the people coming off of the train but after 3 or so slams, it was quiet. About a half an hour later there is a message on the network from the fairy.]


[The PDA is sitting on her desk, showing her staring at a little wooden box with groups of Memory charms and Upgrade rings. It's dark as she has blocked the light from the windows. She's not wearing her uniform or her usual dress, instead she is wearing her neon blue t-shirt that looks like it could fit 3-4 of her in it. She's writing on a piece of paper with a blue marker for a moment before looking at the PDA, eyes hidden by her hair.]

Oh...To those who knew her....Nephenee has gone home. I have her upgrade and memory charm.

[She puts the items back into the little box and puts it on her bedside table. She slips off of her bed and floats over to the PDA because if she was walking, she would have tripped and fallen with the shirt. She wipes at her eyes, which now that she is close can be seen from under her bangs, are sad and slightly red from crying.]

I'm going back to bed...Lock the door and never's safer that way...

[And with that, the video ends. Those in the dorms might hear the soft click of the lock from her room and then nothing else.]


Nov. 22nd, 2012 12:47 pm
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Okay, this has gone on long enough!

I know one of you out there has my bracelet. Don't start thinking I can't track you down without your name. This is a small place, and you have some unique features.

If you give it back, I'll keep your habit of climbing through windows our little secret. If you don't ... well, I have no reason to do you any more favors.

I hope that's clear enough for you.
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[Here is a video of Suzaku, he looks serious.]

As those who were at the meeting know. We need more prefects if we have any chance of opening all the remaining towers. I have two hundred and two raks at the moment, if anyone is in need of upgrades please let me know and I will ask my current Player to buy upgrades for you.
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Characters: EVERYONE!
Format: Any!
This log is: Open
Location: Cafe in town (The post on the network is dated a few days before Rest Day but the log is on Rest Day)
Summary: Tower Discussion
Warnings: Uh...All the warnings?

[Video on the network]

[It's a video of Cirno again. She looks a bit more like herself then she has been for the past round]

HEY! I'm calling a meeting of everyone about the Towers in the Cafe in town on Rest Day! Be there!

[With that, the video shuts off!]

On rest day at the cafe.... )


Sep. 4th, 2012 07:07 pm
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Does anyone wonder what would happen if you bought two sets of link charms? I have two people I want to be my weapons immediately if I'm a player again, or belong to either of them if either one of them is a player. And if both of them are players and I'm not... I don't know, maybe that would just cancel each other out and I'd have to manually vow with one of them...

[[Partially a mod question, yes, but starting an IC discussion about it too just for fun.]]
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[When the video cuts on, you can see the side of Cirno's dress but can hear her voice. Someone did not mean to turn this thing on. If one was to look closely, one could notice she is at the dorms. ]

Hey! Sanae, Where have you been? I haven't seen you....Wait...No....Sanae this isn't funny...You can't...

[There is a clunk as the PDA falls to the ground and shows Cirno's face as words fail her. It's a sad and shocked expression slowly fading into anger. She stands there a moment before lashing out at the wall, punching it a few times before taking off with a frustrated scream, leaving the device there on the ground, like she never knew she had it.]

((OOC- She's taken off. If you want to look for her, just let me know in the comments. Otherwise she's just going to hide where she has run off to for a few days.))
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Dudes! I can't understand a word of what any of ya guys are sayin'!


Aug. 8th, 2012 08:23 pm
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So I guess we know now what happens when you sacrifice three corpses to the tower.

Everyone might just want to stay out of the tower in the arena until this is cleared up. If you go in, you wind up in a mirror boss fight with a shadow version of yourself.

If you leave and go back in, it keeps happening. I wound up fighting mine four times just to make sure. But on the plus side, if you beat it there's a chance it'll drop a memory charm. I got three of them, all from, like, alternate universe mes. I don't know if that's universal or not. Anyone else have data they'd like to submit?

[ Filtered to Jake English ]

Something I need to run by you, bro.

((OOC: After consulting with the mods: A memory charm definitely drops after the first fight; on each subsequent fight, there's a 50% chance of a charm dropping.))
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Characters: Jade Harley (AU) and YOU!
Format: Starting in Action, will change if needed.
This log is: OPEN.
Location: The tower in the arena.
Summary: Jade bought a body. We're taking it to the tower. Shenanigans happen.
Warnings: Dead people...? Potentially the threat of a boss battle/violence, I'll update it if it happens.

PART 2: The tower. )

[ OOC: I am going to make a thread titled ACTION with various sub-threads, to keep the action parts in order. If you want to reply to Jade's text post, feel free to make a top-level comment! ]
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[Asagi is still staring at his lighter, confused. He already ran out of his backup matches. He squints his eyes with a headache, and he finally puts it away.]

I need a light. Does anyone have spare matches?
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[ action ]

[ After having some additional memories jammed into his skull, Dirk's come to the conclusion that whatever the fuck is going on with that waking self of his that the arena tower ate, he's going to be just fine when he goes home. At least, that's the way it appears.

So he can be found Sunday afternoon out by the lake, holding the bottle he received as a prize for the phoenix fight. There's a letter rolled up inside.

He tosses it out into the water. ]

[ video ]

[ Dirk making a post that's not text? Is the world coming to an end?

No, actually, it seems he just wanted to show off a couple of friends of his.

The one who looks like a robotic Dirk happens to be wearing a Fortitude girls' school uniform. ]

Hey, Rakuen. Meet Brobot and Lil Sebastian. [ He gestures to the mecha-Dirk and then to the mecha-bunny, in turn. ] They're creations of mine who were lovingly ordered from our very own Rakette by my good pal Jane Crocker. You'll be seeing them around the city from now on, as they'll be keeping an eye on shit both to assist me in my duties as a prefect, and to help me gather information pertaining to our imprisonment in Rakuen.

They aren't actual people, so don't bother trying to vow with them. It won't work. [ He tried. ] I have, however, provided Brobot with a PDA of his own. If you're unable to reach me for any reason, text him.

[ And with that out of the way... ]

Speaking of vowing, I'm a Player this round. If you need one, I'm available. And if you want someone to fight, I'm more than up for that.
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You know what we need to have?

A rave.

Who's in?

Need some music, a mega awesome sound system, lights, glow sticks, and plenty of water. I was thinking that we should set this up in the forest.

You know,

if people actually like the idea and stuff...


Jul. 7th, 2012 09:51 pm
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 [filtered to prefects, becca excluded]

Becca is planning arson. Burning down the school, specifically. I was not able to discourage her. I'm sorry.

Keep an eye on her.
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Hello folks of Rakuen, if you don't know me by now my name is Jane Crocker. I think I have been doing a pretty swell job of avoiding a network post until now. The thing is here is that I made some cake and I think all of Rakuen should have some sort of treat for all of their hard work in classes and battle alike.

[She's made shit loads of things for just Fortitude, so why not all of Rakuen?]

It's being held at the Bakery in town if anyone wants some of it. [She used a whole three boxes of cake mix to make this and she's plum proud of it!]

I'll also be a round town if you want to go for a walk or something! So, see you guys later and enjoy the cake!

[The feed cuts; however, a private feed to Dirk still remains.]

Dirk, will you meet me in town please? Asap, if you don't mind.


Jul. 3rd, 2012 12:12 pm
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[Becca's been putzing with her PDA, so when she opens the door to Shion's room, it's already on, at a weird angle, but her voice is clear.]

Hey Shion, so what are you pla--


[The PDA clatters to the floor and lands at an angle, propped up against the wall. It shows an empty room and Becca on her knees, holding an upgrade ring and a memory charm. The video cuts out as she bursts into sobs.]


Jul. 1st, 2012 01:24 pm
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[When the camera starts you just see a flailing arm and hear a few highly undignified high-pitched squeaks. Then an upright torso topped with shaggy hair scrabbling at his face. When the focus corrects on the camera, you can see him pulling a handful of slugs off of his face, as well as some lettuce leaves.

But then he seems to be having a different trouble. He curls forward in pain, and then stiffens again, reaching a hand around to his back. With how he's not masking the pain, he's not aware that he's being recorded at all.

Slowly, he moves his legs out from under the blankets, not really caring at all about the fate of the critters that had been on his face. When he finally grabbed the PDA and saw it'd been recording, the pain is covered by anger.] Suzaku. I need you. [And off.]

((Jade put some slugs on Lulu's face as thanks for him being such a stellar person. And he also just got canon updated to right when he got shanked by Suzaku. So. Pain much?

The muse might be a bit selective in who he replies to. So if you don't get a response, don't take it personally!))


Jun. 30th, 2012 06:14 pm
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[filtered from david]

I fancy someone.

How does one normally propose marriage in Rakuen?

[ oh, 5th century people. ]
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Alright! Everyone in my class, your assignment for tonight is to tell me the different types of government and where they lay on the political spectrum! 


Jun. 17th, 2012 04:48 pm
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Hi there, everyone. My name is Samuel Henderson, and if you're new, you may not know that I am Conquest's school doctor. Though, I am happy to help everyone if there's a problem somewhere I can access.

But more importantly, I'm a Player this round. And if there are Weapons out there that are good at fighting in their own right, and just need a Player to draw their weapon for them so they can go fight, I'm alright with that. I'll give you full access to the school's resources and everything, of course.

Last time a tower opened those that fought the monster got a voucher for anything they wanted from the store, so there's definitely something to be gained here!

I'll be nearby in case someone gets hurt during the battle, though. I'm just not much of a fighter.

((OOC: I also have Bubblecup for similar purposes in Fortitude, and you can either drop an OOC note here or over on the plotting post if you want to do something similar with her))
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Calling for beta testers!

I've been working on a lovely little application for your PDAs. Are you tired of constantly checking the forums and networks to see if your friends won their fights? Want to check who your friend has vowed to, and if they've recently checked into the infirmary? There's an app for that!

Well, mostly. It's still a bit buggy, and doesn't have the fastest update time, but that's why I am seeking beta testers! I've decided to open six slots to players who are extremely active in the game. I need people who will use the program, and are willing to submit reports letting me know about crashes or other bugs that might come up.

Signing up will be first-come-first-served, with three slots open to each campus. The Beta is free, and upgrade to the official release will be at a 50% discount.

  1. Jade Harley
  2. Shion

  1. Lemina Ausa
  2. Flynn Scifo

I should probably write up some kind of EULA, but let it be known if anything happens to your PDA because of the program, I am not accountable. I'm also not accountable for what's done with the information, but I reserve the right to revoke program access without refund if I determine the information is being misused. All in all, I don't think there should be problems with the first part at least.

  • Check status of residents (Player, vowed and with whom, discard)
  • Check battle history
  • Be informed real-time about starts of battles.
  • Option to have changes in a weapon's status, battle starts, and/or battle results sent as notifications to your PDA
Features to come in future updates:
  • Lists of upgrades unlocked for each person
  • Linked partners, players with undead charms

((OOC: The program is going to have a bit of a lag, about 5 minutes between battle start and the actual notifications, and the same thing for the rest of the information. It'll crash every so often, especially during something like a tournament where there will be a lot of information changing. This will improve with time. When it comes out of Beta, the people who have it from this post will still have service for a round before they need to purchase the new release, though they get it at half off.))
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