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The train finally came to a halt in which seemed to be the middle of no where. There was a small hut, but just like the train station in Rakuen there were no staff. Still the doors opened and out on the platform a woman stood. She looked stern and some might recognise her from the town; her dusky pink hair made her stand out in a crowd.

"Weapons please collect the equipment of your colour from the luggage compartment. One tent per team, one stove, one sleeping bag. If Players require their Weapons to have sleeping bags come and tell me, I have some extra in the store." She spoke in a tone that seemed used to being obeyed; a soldiers tone some might recognise it as.

After the equiptment was collected she set off up the hill expecting everyone to keep up. Astute campers will have noticed Dolorosa, Day, Nanami and Santana in the small crowd and so hopefully realise that escape was nothing but futile.

Of course if they still tried they would find they couldn't get very far, if they went too far in any direction or tried to follow the tracks they would pass out and reappear just a little behind the main group.

The camp site was just over the hill, a valley surrounded by hills, a river running through it. Their guide told them to make camp, Fortitude this side of the river, Conquest the other; there were stepping stones. "All Players are to report to me while Weapons pitch the tents."

She waited until the Players were gathered, "My name is Clara, I am your guide for your trip and I expect you to behave yourselves. As you have guessed we have a slightly separate set up, you have each been provided with a Weapon, in some cases two. There shall still be fights, training fights each morning in your camps and a fight in the evening which shall be interschool. Do your best; for as well as raks winning fights will get you more points."

There were no smiles but a pause for them to take in what she had said so far. "There will also be other activities, from climbing to walking to canoeing. I am sure you will all find something you excel in. Each of your Weapons has been provided with a ring, it cannot be removed until the end of the trip. Touching it with your gloved hand will invoke the penalty, though I trust you all not to abuse that power."

She looked over to the campsite and the activity there and raised her voice so she could be heard by those putting up tents. "All cooking is to be done by the Weapons, points will be given and subtracted for cooking skills, tents will be inspected every day. Weapons require permission to share their Players food, there are Weapon meals provided. If you wish your Weapon to stay in your tent they may but permission must be given." She looked like she couldn't work out why anyone would want that despite the grey skies and drizzle.

"Today you may get to know the camp site, there shall be no fight tonight but there is wood to be collected and if you collect enough we can have a large camp fire. Points shall be awarded for meals, Weapons are to come to me for ingredients."

With that she nodded and walked away, presumably to pitch her own tent. Have fun campers!
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Characters: Day and people
Format: prose or action or whatever
This log is: open
Location: Conquest campus
Summary: Day is not happy about all of this, not that it matters as she speaks a fantasy language and no one will be able to understand her
Warnings: Day being angry
She had a few ideas of who could be responsible... )
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Characters: Day and Conquest Students
Format: Whatever you wish
This log is: open class post!
Location: Poison labs
Summary: Week Ten: The King of poisons
Warnings: Poisons ALSO A RISK OF DEATH
The Final Test... )
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[Who knows if he’s even doing this right? He had gleaned some information from random humans passing by, but if they were too stupid to know what they were saying, then he just wasted his time on them. He would much rather use his battle prowess to get his way, but there seems to be some kind of strange blockage preventing access to his magical abilities. He is not happy about that at all.

Duzell looks down at the small screen with a bored expression as he tinkers with the foreign item. How did he get a hold of this PDA? …Don’t ask.]

Whatever idiot is running this thing, call off the stupid game. Find someone else to play with.
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Characters: Day and Conquest Students
Format: Whatever you wish
This log is: Open class post!
Location: Poison lab
Summary: Week eight poison class: How to avoid being poisoned (aka Poison identification). Open to all. If your character is new they will just be thrown into the deep end!
Warnings: Mentions of poison, frank discussion of death etc
They had all proved already that they had no talent in poison detection... )

open log

May. 3rd, 2012 02:42 pm
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Characters: Day and all of you
Format: Either
This log is: Open
Location: Around town and Conquest courtyard
Summary: Day goes for a walk, and then plants some herbs. Come scream at her?
Warnings: Will update
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Characters: Day and Conquest students
Format: Whatever you wish
This log is: Class post! Tag Day or each other!
Location: Poisons classroom, Conquest campus
Summary: Methods of Poisoning: Food and Drink
Warnings: Poisons, mention of death etc
A deadly feast awaits... )
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Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Day, Santana Lopez
Format: Log
This log is: Closed.
Location: White Dorm (1-B) on a Thursday
Summary: Sherlock hasn't been teaching classes. Or wearing a uniform. I'm sure this will go over well.
Warnings: Uh. Sherlock and Day... and Santana...
Would make her home my home. )
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Characters: Yuri and Day
Format: action
This log is: closed
Location: Conquest campus, in the Headmistress's office.
Summary: The day before the results of the competition are announced, Yuri's paying Day a visit.
Warnings: tba, guaranteed it's not going to be pretty.
Gonna entertain you till you scream. )
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