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As classes continue on Friday the weather gets continuously worse until teachers announce that the last class will be cancelled. Screens display the message that all students must report to their dorms but power outages and flickers render them mostly ineffectual. Prefects are instead sent out, armed with waterproofs to make sure all students make it back to their dorms.

Thunder crashes and lightning lights up the sky as the lights flicker and the wind gets steadily louder. Students are required to remain inside, prefects are sent round with snacks and all prepare themselves for a long, wet and windy afternoon.


Jun. 17th, 2012 04:48 pm
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Hi there, everyone. My name is Samuel Henderson, and if you're new, you may not know that I am Conquest's school doctor. Though, I am happy to help everyone if there's a problem somewhere I can access.

But more importantly, I'm a Player this round. And if there are Weapons out there that are good at fighting in their own right, and just need a Player to draw their weapon for them so they can go fight, I'm alright with that. I'll give you full access to the school's resources and everything, of course.

Last time a tower opened those that fought the monster got a voucher for anything they wanted from the store, so there's definitely something to be gained here!

I'll be nearby in case someone gets hurt during the battle, though. I'm just not much of a fighter.

((OOC: I also have Bubblecup for similar purposes in Fortitude, and you can either drop an OOC note here or over on the plotting post if you want to do something similar with her))
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Characters: Dirk Strider, open to anyone
Format: Whatever you prefer
This log is: open
Location: Around Rakuen
Warnings: Strider language

After shenanigans at Recette's shop, Dirk has some deliveries to make -- memory charms for Dave and Sis, and memory charms plus upgrades and those Prospit dreaming pendants for Jake and Jane.

Aw man, and movie night is tonight also... He's gonna be busy today.

Throughout the day, he can be found around Fortitude and Rakuen, and lurking about outside the borders of Conquest.

((OOC: A separate, mingling-type log will go up later in the week for the movie night thing. Keep an eye out! ))
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As you all crowd onto the platform, which is drenched with sunlight though the air is cool you are met by six girls and eight boys. One of the boys seems to be a blue Hedgehog; but the rest all seem human. All twelve are in uniforms that would match if not for the colour differences - skirts and trousers, waistcoats, and light summer shirts that seem totally inappropriate for the chill. Some seem irritable while others look excited. Each has a beret with a crest pinned to the front - eight depicting a shield on green, the other seven a sword on red.

At the first lull in the chatter, a frail looking girl with a shield on her cap steps forward.

"Excuse me, may I have your attention please!"

She explains that the eleven of them are the current prefects of Rakuen, representing the two schools on the island. Nanami (she gestures to herself), Lelouch, Yuri, Sonic, Jade, Sora, John and Rebecca of Fortitude; and Santana, Flynn, Kevin, Gino, Suzaku, Golbez and Cirno of Conquest.

The introductions are over fast and the girl named Santana seems impatient, "So come over when your name is called so we can all get inside." They all move to stand in two groups some distance away from each other; two girls step forward and begin to read names from a clipboard.

Cirno, the Conquest Prefect starts, "Welcome to Rakuen! I'm Cirno and when I call your name, Come over to me."

The Fortitude prefect, Rebecca, follows after, "So uh...hi. My name's Becca, I'm one of the prefects at Fortitude. Uhm...so yeah, you can ask me anything if you need to, but mostly everything's covered in the rulebooks you got. You should read 'em. I'll take you to the dorms. So c'mere when I call your names...."


Jun. 7th, 2012 03:45 am
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[How does the PDA things get turned on anyways? No matter. If you're watching this video you're seeing a rustle of bed sheets, and Sis open complaining to an infirmary nurse that she doesn't need to stay here and she wont be staying here.

Who the fuck cares about a concussion, she is completely fine. The tournament match was nothing, Arthur didn't hit her that hard. She is so fine, finer than fine. Oh does this nurse really want to play like that.

Sis is just going to leave the video feed with her threatening to take that IV line out of her arm and just ninja out of the window. Yes, she is ironically saying all of these things and threatening to make an extremely dumb anime exit.
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Characters: Kotaro, Sam, Golbez and Cirno
Format: whatever you like
This log is: Closed to these guys
Location: Ice cream parlour in town
Summary: After their tournament fight Sam buys everyone ice cream because that was the deal
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Characters: Samuel Henderson, Golbez
Format: Prosey-type
This log is: closed
Location: Conquest courtyard
Summary: Golbez attempts to teach Sam how to wield a sword. Hopefully the lesson will end with all of his fingers.
Training! )
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Characters: Samuel Henderson and YOU
Format: Wevs
This log is: open
Location: Bookstore or in the Conquest infirmary
Summary: Puttering around for open harassment
Warnings: None!
Harassmeeeent go! )
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A. [Sam is busily straightening the bookstore, dressed more casually than normal, with the typical bookstore-y ID lanyard on his neck. He rather likes the job, having never needed a part-time job before even when he had been living with his parents. He wouldn't say his life was harder now than it was, just different.

He wasn't too far in la-la land, though. When someone comes up, he gives them a nice smile, (careful not to show too much fang).] Hi! Can I help you find anything?

B. [Well, his bookishness sometimes gets the better of him. He'd happened across a text on troll biology, and he really couldn't help himself. Now he's holding up a shelf in the corner, focused on reading. Come bug him.]
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Hello, everyone. I hope everyone has found players by now, so everyone can see this.

Some of you may remember a post Kotaro made asking for blood donations for our vampire population. This is a repeat of that request. With the latest group of students, we have another to add to our number, thus our supplies need to go a bit further.

So if there are any other volunteers that would like to go through the standard blood donation procedure, I would very much appreciate it. The only pain involved would be a needle stick and I'd only need about a half hour of your time. Depending on my resources, there may be an upgrade ring in it for you as an incentive.

Thank you for your time!

[This last bit is also posted to 'Seeking' as well as added to his main message]
My player is Kotaro, and his goal is to collect the six weapons and win the round. After all, he's a child, so fighting with adults may not be the best thing for him. If there are two more unclaimed weapons, I'd like it very much if you could vow with him so none of you have to worry about fighting this week. He gives full rights, of course.

--Dr. Samuel Henderson
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Characters: Sora and anyone from Fortitude who wants to check on Conquest and get punished for it OPEN POST don't wait on Sora or anything if you want to log with someone else.
Format: Starting in action but wevs suits you
This log is: open
Location: Fortitude campus -> Conquest campus and then wherever.
Summary: Sora runs to Conquest to check on her friends. Others have much the same idea.
Warnings: tba
red: the blood of angry men )
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Characters: Kotaro Mochizuki, Sis Strider and Samuel Henderson
Format: I'll follow you guys
This log is: Closed
Location: Conquest infirmary
Summary: Kotaro brings Sis to give blood
Warnings: Needles, giving blood, vampires
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Characters: Everyone
Format: Whatever your heart desires
This log is: open
Location: Everywhere (for this day only all may leave campus, including discards! As long as they are back by 9pm!)
Summary: RED DAY
Warnings: Red Day Shenanigans


1. Giving someone food made with love
2. Giving someone flowers
3. Giving someone a gift
4. Going on a date
5. Giving an apple to your esteemed rival!
6. Throwing an apple at your esteemed rival! With all the force of your youth!
7. Reciting beautiful poetry to your esteemed rival!
8. Ditto ballads
9. Ditto rock anthems from the roof of the gym
10. Presenting your rival with a candy heart, lovingly rendered in full size sugar and syrup, and apparently modeled after the heart of a great warrior from ages past. It beats! Now available from Rakettear.
11. Apologizing to your rival profusely for the handmade abomination they are unwrapping
12. Boggling vacantly at the above.

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[The image is a big blurry, Kotaro is a bit close, he pretty much pressed all the buttons until he got this to work]

Can everybody see me? And hear me? [He smiles showing fangs, still far too close to the camera]

My name is Kotaro Mochizuki, I'm a Black blood, which you might also know as a vampire. If you don't know what a vampire is [Because Nephenee hadn't] we have powers, like being able to fly and we have to drink blood. It's more complicated than that but If you come and find me I'll explain more!

But why I am talking on the computer is because vampires need blood, well Sam does anyways...

But we don't want to hurt anyone! [Read as he doesn't want to hurt anyone, Sam can't remember he's a vampire] Sam is a doctor though so can take the blood out of you with a needle, just a bit of it and that way he wont need to bite you. But I need volunteers.

There might be other black bloods here as well. [He knows of one who might be, but he isn't sure] And I'm sure they need help too. So if you want to volunteer let me know. And if you are a black blood then answer as well!

[And then he spends a while trying to end the message, pressing buttons again]
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Characters: Kotaro and all the people of conquest!
Format: I'll follow you
This log is: Open!
Location: Conquest courtyard
Summary: One of Kotaro's lost memories is that graffiti is bad and he should not do it, the inevitable happens
Drawing is fun! )
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