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Characters: Jade Harley (AU) and YOU!
Format: Starting in Action, will change if needed.
This log is: OPEN.
Location: The tower in the arena.
Summary: Jade bought a body. We're taking it to the tower. Shenanigans happen.
Warnings: Dead people...? Potentially the threat of a boss battle/violence, I'll update it if it happens.

PART 2: The tower. )

[ OOC: I am going to make a thread titled ACTION with various sub-threads, to keep the action parts in order. If you want to reply to Jade's text post, feel free to make a top-level comment! ]
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Characters: Dave Strider [AU] and Jade Harley [AU]
Format: Starting Prose; Either is fine!
This log is: Closed
Location: The second tower they opened
Summary: Jade and Dave go into the tower to explore. They find a Weapon they aren't really too keen on finding.
Warnings: Dave's language, probably cute shenanigans, and probably very sad ones too
I could do one thing; I'd bring him back )
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Characters: Santana and YOU
Format: starting action
This log is: open
Location: 1. Classroom -> Outside, 2. Glee club room in town
Summary: First part is Santana's first cheer class (open to Conquest) , the second is the first glee club meeting (open to Conquest and Fortitude)
Warnings: Santana.
Cheering and Singing )
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Characters: Jade Harley and Jade Harley (AU)
Format: Action
This log is: Closed
Location: Harley's room in Conquest.
Summary: Jade feels kind of bad about how she treated Harley, so she's going to apologize.
Warnings: None.

Ninja jades. )
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[Asagi is still staring at his lighter, confused. He already ran out of his backup matches. He squints his eyes with a headache, and he finally puts it away.]

I need a light. Does anyone have spare matches?
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We're taking Jake's dream corpse into the arena tower.

Anyone who wants to join us should meet us there shortly.

[ By "we", Dirk means himself along with Brobot (who's carrying the body), Jake, Jane and anyone else who wanted to come along. Jade maybe? Anyone, really. Characters not from Homestuck are welcome too.

He'll be answering questions via PDA as they walk to the tower. ]
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Characters: Jake, Dirk, Dave (x2), Jade (x2), maybe Jane, Sis, and anyone else relevant to Jake's post before.
Format: Action is probably best.
This log is: open ish. You know who you are.
Location: Rakuen's public library
Summary: Paradox Space Powwow.
Warnings: tba if any
Guaranteed to be a clusterfuck )


Jul. 10th, 2012 09:23 pm
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[Oh god it's one of those posts where Santana is smiling. This can only end well]

I've put it off for long enough but it's about time for me to start teaching a class. Technically I should have started it round 1 but [she waves a hand dismissively] since I'm 18 I don't really need to teach. Except all the other classes are really boring, I'm sure all you teachers will miss me dearly.

This is just a warning, get read to learn how to cheer, with a side of gymnastics, of course. I'll be sure to whip you all into shape, god knows you need it.

[she pauses for a moment to look around her room as she considers her next words]

Would anyone be interested in making a glee club? Can anyone besides me even sing?


Jul. 7th, 2012 09:51 pm
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 [filtered to prefects, becca excluded]

Becca is planning arson. Burning down the school, specifically. I was not able to discourage her. I'm sorry.

Keep an eye on her.
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Hello folks of Rakuen, if you don't know me by now my name is Jane Crocker. I think I have been doing a pretty swell job of avoiding a network post until now. The thing is here is that I made some cake and I think all of Rakuen should have some sort of treat for all of their hard work in classes and battle alike.

[She's made shit loads of things for just Fortitude, so why not all of Rakuen?]

It's being held at the Bakery in town if anyone wants some of it. [She used a whole three boxes of cake mix to make this and she's plum proud of it!]

I'll also be a round town if you want to go for a walk or something! So, see you guys later and enjoy the cake!

[The feed cuts; however, a private feed to Dirk still remains.]

Dirk, will you meet me in town please? Asap, if you don't mind.
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Characters: Jade Harley (AU) & Sis Strider (AU)
Format: w/e
This log is: closed.
Location: Jade's room, Ice cream shops. YOU KNOW.
Summary: Jade is extremely baffled and upset at the arrivals this time around, and Sis is here to comfort her the best that she can.
Warnings: Sis Strider needs her own warning label.

It wasn't any different than any other time in Rakuen. The time where the train comes and drops off the new arrivals. Sis hadn't much cared to go see who was there this time as it usually gave off displeasing results. No one she knew, or cared to get to know. However it seems she had made a grave mistake not going to at least moderate the interactions.

A simple text from Jade with 'Sis can we go get Ice Cream?", followed by Sis responding "Where are you?" had circulated a response in less than a moment. She was out of bed and walking towards the prefect dorms like there was nothing standing in her way. She climbs a tree, leaps on to the top of the buildings and has successfully (not for the first time) snuck onto the prefects campus.

A little window off to the far side, and she's perched on a window sill, knocking. "Jade. Jade, let me in." Wouldn't want to get caught or anything.
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Characters: Dirk Strider, Jane Crocker, Doomed!Jade Harley
Format: w/e
This log is: closed, but poke us if you want to have someone come by and boggle
Location: The platform

Once the prefects are done collecting the new arrivals, Dirk tugs his beret off his head and stuffs it into one pocket, and makes for the unloaded cargo that's to be transported to the shop. With Jake unconscious, someone has to pick up the corpse he ordered.

Except there sure are a lot more Unreal Airs scattered around than there should have been. There are literally hundreds of the things littering the platform, hovering above the ground. Some of them are already escaping from above. Dirk just comes to a stop beside the large, body-sized crate labeled with Jake's name, staring at the veritable maelstrom of artifacts that surrounds him.

Who's responsible for this? He glances around, and his eyes come to rest on a couple more sizable boxes stamped with Jane's name. "Jane, what did you do?"
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As you all crowd onto the platform, which is drenched with sunlight though the air is cool you are met by six girls and ten boys. One of the boys seems to be a blue Hedgehog and one of the girls has wings; but the rest all seem human. All sixteenn are in uniforms that would match if not for the colour differences - skirts and trousers, waistcoats, and light summer shirts that seem totally inappropriate for the chill. Some seem irritable while others look excited. Each has a beret with a crest pinned to the front - nine depicting a shield on green, the other seven a sword on red.

At the first lull in the chatter, a frail looking girl with a shield on her cap steps forward.

"Excuse me, may I have your attention please!"

She explains that the sixteen of them are the current prefects of Rakuen, representing the two schools on the island. Nanami (she gestures to herself), Lelouch, Yuri, Sonic, Jade, Sora, John, Rebecca, Dirk and of Fortitude; and Santana, Flynn, Kevin, Gino, Suzaku, Golbez and Cirno of Conquest.

The introductions are over fast and the girl named Santana seems impatient, "So come over when your name is called so we can all get inside." They all move to stand in two groups some distance away from each other; a boy and a girl step forward and begin to read names from a clipboard.

Golbez, the Conquest prefect made an imposing figure, standing there with his perpetual glare on his face, as he read off the names. "Dave Strider, Cheshire, Isabela, Jade Harley, Jack Noir, Hideki Hinata, and Hiyo Shishidou."

Despite what seemed to be a broken leg slowing her down, the Fortitude prefect; Jade looked almost excited in her prefect's outfit and neon orange T-shirt that came to her knees. "Okay, the people I read off are for Fortitude! If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them, but please don't threaten me with violence... Komachi Onozuka."


Jun. 30th, 2012 06:14 pm
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[filtered from david]

I fancy someone.

How does one normally propose marriage in Rakuen?

[ oh, 5th century people. ]
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Characters: Dave Strider (AU) and Jade Harley (AU)
Format: Action
This log is: Closed
Location: Dave's room, Black 2-B
Summary: It's stupid o'clock in the morning and Jade has been dreaming on Prospit so much during the day that she's forgotten all the promises she made Dave when they got battle married. Also she's got insomnia.
Warnings: None
when the night descends )
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Characters: Anyone facing the Firebird.
Format: Whatever you like!
This log is: open
Location: Conquest campus, starting from the tower plaza and spreading outwards.
Summary: As the Conquest Tower opens, the island enters its second boss battle. Read this if you're confused.
Warnings: Fire.
[ This battle is nowhere near as surprising as the arena wyrm's attack, but there's something fundamentally terrifying about globs of fire raining down on you from the sky that that last one didn't have. Whilst the buildings, with their sudden blue sheen, seem immune to the flames, the Players and Weapons outside of them are a tad more exposed.

The firebird is content to make regular, swooping passes at the fighters, which whilst dangerous due to its talons, puts it within range of the melee weapons. It isn't very fast, and is forced to avoid the roofs of the campus in its attacks. Its fire is only dangerous when it's directly overhead. ]
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Calling for beta testers!

I've been working on a lovely little application for your PDAs. Are you tired of constantly checking the forums and networks to see if your friends won their fights? Want to check who your friend has vowed to, and if they've recently checked into the infirmary? There's an app for that!

Well, mostly. It's still a bit buggy, and doesn't have the fastest update time, but that's why I am seeking beta testers! I've decided to open six slots to players who are extremely active in the game. I need people who will use the program, and are willing to submit reports letting me know about crashes or other bugs that might come up.

Signing up will be first-come-first-served, with three slots open to each campus. The Beta is free, and upgrade to the official release will be at a 50% discount.

  1. Jade Harley
  2. Shion

  1. Lemina Ausa
  2. Flynn Scifo

I should probably write up some kind of EULA, but let it be known if anything happens to your PDA because of the program, I am not accountable. I'm also not accountable for what's done with the information, but I reserve the right to revoke program access without refund if I determine the information is being misused. All in all, I don't think there should be problems with the first part at least.

  • Check status of residents (Player, vowed and with whom, discard)
  • Check battle history
  • Be informed real-time about starts of battles.
  • Option to have changes in a weapon's status, battle starts, and/or battle results sent as notifications to your PDA
Features to come in future updates:
  • Lists of upgrades unlocked for each person
  • Linked partners, players with undead charms

((OOC: The program is going to have a bit of a lag, about 5 minutes between battle start and the actual notifications, and the same thing for the rest of the information. It'll crash every so often, especially during something like a tournament where there will be a lot of information changing. This will improve with time. When it comes out of Beta, the people who have it from this post will still have service for a round before they need to purchase the new release, though they get it at half off.))
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As before, I will be taking command of the actual battle. Players, you have a responsibility to all of those around you to collect the weapons with the most compatible upgrades to your battle style and spreading them to your battery of Weapons. Dual wield penalties did not apply during the previous battle. Draw a sword from someone and put it in the hands of someone that can use it best. There was also an elemental advantage enjoyed by some weapons during the last battle. When we know what that is, those weapons with that advantage are of the highest priority. Those with swords will be the front line, and those with ranged weapons will be the second. If we maintain and even, strong, steady line of attack against it, we will surely win.

I'm not interested in entertaining any criticism anyone may have regarding my suitability for this role. Either listen to what I have to tell you and be assured of victory, or ignore me and be defeated.
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Characters: Everyone
Format: Whichever you prefer
This log is: open
Location: Rakuen Public Library's media viewing room
Summary: Dirk shows off some 21st century cinematic masterpieces.
Warnings: Horrible movies. Swearing from Striders. The usual.
i cant wait to be a useless piece of shit all night and watch all these movies )
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