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Characters: Lelouch vi Britannia, Dirk Strider, Suzaku Kururugi and Rakuen's computer system
Format: Prose to start, but idk what he's going to set off, so if it does something, tag however
This log is: open
Location: Fortitude, Conquest computer labs, computers in the Mayor's mansion
Summary: Lelouch is brute forcing his way into the computer system, and launching a DDoS attack against Exaclan. He has Suzaku and Lil Seb running software in Conquest and the Mayor's mansion respectively.
Warnings: Breaking the system
were makin this hapen )

[Posted at the same moment on the network, everyone seeing it from a different random dropped characters' account.] The system is undergoing maintenance. Please pardon any difficulties in the near future.

[Every character receives this individually, it's not posted publicly. Feel free to attempt to reply to it, or talk to each other. OR NOT AHAHAHAHA Info here: read!

Feel free to use this post as a reaction one maybe.]
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As classes continue on Friday the weather gets continuously worse until teachers announce that the last class will be cancelled. Screens display the message that all students must report to their dorms but power outages and flickers render them mostly ineffectual. Prefects are instead sent out, armed with waterproofs to make sure all students make it back to their dorms.

Thunder crashes and lightning lights up the sky as the lights flicker and the wind gets steadily louder. Students are required to remain inside, prefects are sent round with snacks and all prepare themselves for a long, wet and windy afternoon.
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Characters: Lelouch vi Britannia, Dirk Strider
Format: Prose
This log is: closed
Location: Fortitude Prefect's dorm's kitchen
Summary: Lelouch and Dirk have learnt a few things about each other. Blackrom continues?
Warnings: Black flirting? Also spoilers for their series.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours. )
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Characters: Dolorosa and you
Format: will match
This log is: open
Location: Fortitude classrooms
Summary: Troll history class may have cryptic messages in it. or maybe Ru is pulling your leg
Warnings: Dolorosa feels
Who wants to learn about troll history )


Jul. 1st, 2012 01:24 pm
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[When the camera starts you just see a flailing arm and hear a few highly undignified high-pitched squeaks. Then an upright torso topped with shaggy hair scrabbling at his face. When the focus corrects on the camera, you can see him pulling a handful of slugs off of his face, as well as some lettuce leaves.

But then he seems to be having a different trouble. He curls forward in pain, and then stiffens again, reaching a hand around to his back. With how he's not masking the pain, he's not aware that he's being recorded at all.

Slowly, he moves his legs out from under the blankets, not really caring at all about the fate of the critters that had been on his face. When he finally grabbed the PDA and saw it'd been recording, the pain is covered by anger.] Suzaku. I need you. [And off.]

((Jade put some slugs on Lulu's face as thanks for him being such a stellar person. And he also just got canon updated to right when he got shanked by Suzaku. So. Pain much?

The muse might be a bit selective in who he replies to. So if you don't get a response, don't take it personally!))
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Characters: Anyone facing the Firebird.
Format: Whatever you like!
This log is: open
Location: Conquest campus, starting from the tower plaza and spreading outwards.
Summary: As the Conquest Tower opens, the island enters its second boss battle. Read this if you're confused.
Warnings: Fire.
[ This battle is nowhere near as surprising as the arena wyrm's attack, but there's something fundamentally terrifying about globs of fire raining down on you from the sky that that last one didn't have. Whilst the buildings, with their sudden blue sheen, seem immune to the flames, the Players and Weapons outside of them are a tad more exposed.

The firebird is content to make regular, swooping passes at the fighters, which whilst dangerous due to its talons, puts it within range of the melee weapons. It isn't very fast, and is forced to avoid the roofs of the campus in its attacks. Its fire is only dangerous when it's directly overhead. ]
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Characters: Golbez, Suzaku Kururugi, Sora Himoto, Jake English, Lelouch vi Britannia. Others are welcome to come along as backup, but to simplify the thread order let's keep this post to these five.
Format: Starting in prose, switch as you see fit
This log is: Closed
Location: The tower on Conquest campus
Summary: A second tower is opened
NOTES: Please track this post so you'll know when your turn to tag comes up. Furthermore, as with last time, if the person before you has not tagged in 24 hours (and you've made attempts to contact them) skip them in the order and move on.

This post is for opening the tower. Once it's open, the mods will put up another post for the battle with the guardian.
I couldn't think of any witty cut text :c )
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As before, I will be taking command of the actual battle. Players, you have a responsibility to all of those around you to collect the weapons with the most compatible upgrades to your battle style and spreading them to your battery of Weapons. Dual wield penalties did not apply during the previous battle. Draw a sword from someone and put it in the hands of someone that can use it best. There was also an elemental advantage enjoyed by some weapons during the last battle. When we know what that is, those weapons with that advantage are of the highest priority. Those with swords will be the front line, and those with ranged weapons will be the second. If we maintain and even, strong, steady line of attack against it, we will surely win.

I'm not interested in entertaining any criticism anyone may have regarding my suitability for this role. Either listen to what I have to tell you and be assured of victory, or ignore me and be defeated.
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Tomorrow after classes end, we will be opening another of the six towers situated about Rakuen -- this time, the one located on Conquest's campus. If you do not wish to be caught up in the ensuing battle, I recommend you remain indoors.

Suzaku, Sora, and I will be representing the Red, Black, and White dormitories, respectively. We still require a representative from Fortitude's Pale dorm. Furthermore, anyone who wishes to accompany us to provide support, either as a Player or a Weapon, is encouraged to join us.
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Characters: Everyone
Format: Whichever you prefer
This log is: open
Location: Rakuen Public Library's media viewing room
Summary: Dirk shows off some 21st century cinematic masterpieces.
Warnings: Horrible movies. Swearing from Striders. The usual.
i cant wait to be a useless piece of shit all night and watch all these movies )
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Characters: Lelouch vi Britannia, Suzaku Kururugi, AND YOU
Format: Starting prose, but tag how you like
This log is: semi-open
Location: Coffee shop
Summary: Lelouch and Suzaku have some things to sort out. But if you want to tag him, go ahead, it can happen before Lelouch meets with Suzaku
This was a long time coming )
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Characters: Britannia and yooou~
Format: Action or prose!
This log is: open
Location: Fortitude Campus.
Summary: Having woken up with some fresh new memories and injuries to match, Britannia tries to make it to where her boss is but is having a pretty hard time of it.
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I may have met with an untimely defeat in the tournament, but I'm not ready to call it quits just yet. Any other Players interested in taking me on? I promise to make it worth your while.

On another note, I've come into possession of a few pieces of highly influential media from my world. We're gonna be having us a movie night this Saturday, seven PM at the city library. Attendance is mandatory.

[ Private to Jake English and Jane Crocker: ]

I fucked up.


I have something for you.

((Again, replies will be in orange unless you'd rather not.))
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As you all crowd onto the platform, which is drenched with sunlight though the air is cool you are met by five girls and eight boys. One of the girls is a somewhat humanoid grey-skinned, finned alien and one of the boys seems to be a blue Hedgehog; but the rest all seem human. All twelve are in uniforms that would match if not for the colour differences - skirts and trousers, waistcoats, and light summer shirts that seem totally inappropriate for the chill. Some seem irritable while others look excited. Each has a beret with a crest pinned to the front - six depicting a shield on green, the other seven a sword on red.

At the first lull in the chatter, a frail looking girl with a shield on her cap steps forward.

"Excuse me, may I have your attention please!"

She explains that the eleven of them are the current prefects of Rakuen, representing the two schools on the island. Nanami (she gestures to herself), Lelouch, Yuri, Sonic, Jade and Sora of Fortitude; and Santana, Flynn, Feferi, Kevin, Gino, Suzaku and Golbez of Conquest.

The introductions are over fast and the girl named Santana seems impatient, "So come over when your name is called so we can all get inside." They all move to stand in two groups some distance away from each other; two boys step forward and begin to read names from a clipboard.

Suzaku, the Conquest Prefect reads in a short clipped manner, his posture stiff. But his tone is kind. "For Conquest, Arthur Pendragon, Stellaluna, Nepeta Vantas and Jadesprite."

The Fortitude prefect, Lelouch, on the other hand looks bored. "Jane Crocker and Merlin are for Fortitude."
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Characters: Lelouch vi Britannia, the Britannian Empire, Suzaku, Nanami, and anyone else wanting to harass Lelouch shortly after the monster fight was over.
Format: Prose preferred, will match
This log is: Open for one thread, three others are closed
Location: Prefect's dorm, Arena tower, and in Fortitude's cafeteria
Summary: ITP: Lance handles a few thread obligations at once:
One, Lelouch and Suzaku explore the tower after the wyrm is killed.
Two, Lelouch and Britannia have a heart to heart.
Three, Lelouch needs to pick Nanami's brain.
Fourth, there is an opportunity for Fortitude students to come hang out and get some CR with your prefect.
Warnings: Manipulations imminent.
Multi-part posts ftw! )
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My request was as simple as you can get, and you still fucked it up.
I even narrowed it down for you so you would have zero chance of getting it wrong.
What did you do? Did you grab one who was awake even though I specifically said not to?
Or were you lying about that "willingness" bit? I wouldn't be surprised if you were, but if you staff members seriously expect us to trust you it'd behoove you to be more honest.

[ private message to Davesprite ]

Do you have an extra Conquest uniform?

(( Replies will be in orange unless you'd rather I didn't. Also, anyone entering Black 2-A might notice a crate containing a spare Dirk, sans Kamina glasses. He's dead. ))
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asl club???
lets just say its on some indefinite hiatus
going to just put that on the shelf
let it get kind of homely before we grab at it again
maybe get friendly with the dust even
i can recommend books if youre just like
omg i need to learn right now!!!
other than that
im outtie
this week is fucking ridiculous
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[He sounds winded, but there is that typical commanding tone to his voice] Attention all students: A large creature has emerged from the arena tower. All students and staff capable of fighting are needed at the arena.

Players, you are not limited in the number of weapons you may wield. Make as many vows as you can. Draw the weapons and ensure they end up in the hands of those that can use it best. Those with swords and similar melee weapons assemble on the arena platform, and will attack in waves. All ranged weapons should take up positions in the stands. Noncombatants and those with healing or refreshing capabilities should remain in the entrances.

We must not let it leave the arena, for the sake of our friends that cannot defend themselves.

I will take command of the battle. If someone in Conquest considers themselves capable, they may step forward for their portion of the student body.

We have to come together, regardless of school or homeland affiliations and defeat this. It will bring us that much closer to returning to our homes. Following what I tell you is going to assure our victory. Let us show the people that have brought us here what our real power is.
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Characters: Lelouch vi Britannia, Suzaku Kururugi, Kevin Smith, Jade Harley, Dave Strider, Gino Weinberg
Format: Prose preferred due to EPIC
This Log Is: Closed!
Location: the arena tower
Summary: This thread is dated to IC Tuesday, which is OOC Friday. I've posted it early so as to give people plenty of time to tag and make progress on it before then, when the mods will post with the effect it will have on the game.
Warnings: None right now

ONE LAST NOTE! FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD AND AWESOME TRACK THIS POST! Because there are so many people in this post, I've gotten permission to put an extra rule on it. If the person before you has not tagged in 24 hours (and you've made attempts to contact them) skip them in the order and move on. IF THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU THINK YOU CAN DEAL WITH, LET ME KNOW. I'll grab someone else. Lelouch may need to hijack the thread order, depending on what's going on, because he's in Commander Mode. If he does, continue on after that as the order goes.

Finally )
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Characters: Suzaku and anyone whose name is not Lelouch anyone
Format: Starting in prose but happy to switch
This log is: Open
Location: Conquest infirmary and then by the lake
Summary: On Wednesday Lelouch and Suzaku had a bit of an argument. Now on Saturday afternoon Suzaku wakes up from his coma, come visit?
Warnings: all the angst, lots of spoilers, usual Geass drama
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