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Characters: Shion and anyone nearby
Format: Any
This log is: Open
Location: Black dorm, room 1A
Summary: Midnight the city is shaking and all non prefect characters who are not linked to anyone get a penalty, Shion is one of them.
Warnings: Pain
A rude awakening )
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((OOC: This is the post for any characters who disappear during the course of the ending. As described here))

You finish your message, however long or short. Unlike the last time you were here you do not seem to have manifested a body, but the door opens regardless and you exit that grey room into the world outside...
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The room is featureless and grey. Formless. Oddly soft around the edges, it shifts and warps if you try to concentrate on any one piece of it. There are no doors or windows, or openings of any kind; you are alone. You cannot hear anything; it is not so much that there are no sounds, instead, the concept of sound itself seems to be lacking.

You've been here before, even if the memory of it is nothing but a fuzzy dream. And you are now here for a purpose. To help. You hold knowledge, you have been in Rakuen and though things are going wrong, you can make them better. Not for you perhaps, but for those who come after.

You have advice? Words of wisdom? A memory or a feeling you want to pass on. Now is your time.
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Characters: Everyone and all
Format: Whatever you like
This log is: Open
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: The final assembly and the start of the final week of Rakuen begins. Players are announced as normal yet something is not right.
|Round 19 begins... )
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Characters:Fortitude students
Format: Any!
This log is: open
Location: Classroom for Paranormal Investigation
Summary: It seems that you have a substitute teacher?
Warnings: Asagi in drag.
Dude looks like a lady )
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Characters: Shion, a robot mouse and you!
Format: Prose but I can switch
This log is: Open
Location: Around town, on rest day
Summary: Shion used his voucher to get one of Nezumi's robot mice, and is practicing with it before he tries to actively gather information
Robot mice shenanigans )


Dec. 5th, 2012 04:42 am
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[The post starts off merely as a video thumb with that familiar play button in the middle. If you press that button, an embed video file begins to play in your browser.

At first, there appears to be an indecipherable 3D diagram of blue binary lines running both vertically and horizontally. The lines overlap one another in an undefinable pattern that is not yet readily apparent. As the numbers move, ever changing and running off-screen, the image finally changes to something a little more recognizable. Series of plain black text boxes begin to fill the screen and layer up with commands. At first the commands are simple with words like "INFILTRATE" and "ACCESSING..." before the speed with which the lines are being generated make it impossible to keep up. Even pausing the video won't help you, the recording doesn't have enough definition.

As more and more data fills the screen, the spam of lines across the screen finally halts. The more observant of you might notice it's because the counter in the top-right corner, the counter for the recording, not the video playing on your screen, has stopped. Whoever is showing you this has paused it at this spot for a reason.

The first is the date revealed on the lowest line, helpfully highlighted by a yellow circle that appears around it. The date goes back to mid-April, right when all those ghosts began to show their faces.

The second highlight goes to a line beneath it,

For a few moments that lingers on your screen before the video continues. As a new window opens with "RAKUEN CITY ROUNDS" as its proud title, the data extraction reveals that there are a staggering amount of files in this folder. Lines begin to fill the blank space, each labeled with a date. Dates that, notably, go waaaaaay back in time. As the counter at the bottom continues to climb rapidly, hitting the thousands within seconds, the number reaches just over 1800 files before a new box appears on the screen.


The box lingers there for a moment before all the data on the screen goes miserably black.

After the video ends, there is a moment of silence. Then, quietly, a soft, electronic but distinctly male voice speaks.]

These are the incomplete findings of my investigation into the city. I was unable to reveal them earlier as I have been offline since then. My program was corrupted by the city's defense system. [His voice is notably lacking in emotion and range of voice as he speaks.] I conclude that the apparitions that appeared in April were projections produced by residual data of previous students of Fortitude and Conquest. I also believe that the Exaclan games have been going on for a very long time.

[There's a pause as the screen continues to remain blank. Finally, after a long moment of silence, he finally speaks again.]

This information is now yours. Act in accordance with your will.

[And the feed ends.]

[ooc: Hubris is back and with information this time! Those attempting to trace Hu's posting signal will start to find that it's... actually coming from the city itself now.]
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Characters: All of them
Format: All the formats
This log is: Incredibly open
Location: The small island on the lake, also in the lake
Summary: Giant tortoise is attacking! Fight for your lives!
Warnings: Battle scenes and a few people might die?
Go, fight, win )


Nov. 12th, 2012 09:36 pm
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Characters: Shion and Becca, also Alex if he wants
Format: Prose
This log is: Closed but if you want to come face palm at them feel free
Location: Fortitude Courtyard
Summary: Becca and Shion decide to see if they can link despite Becca being linked to Alex. Pain happens
Warnings: Warning penalties and sad teenagers
Silly teenagers doing silly things )
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Characters: EVERYONE!
Format: Any!
This log is: Open
Location: Cafe in town (The post on the network is dated a few days before Rest Day but the log is on Rest Day)
Summary: Tower Discussion
Warnings: Uh...All the warnings?

[Video on the network]

[It's a video of Cirno again. She looks a bit more like herself then she has been for the past round]

HEY! I'm calling a meeting of everyone about the Towers in the Cafe in town on Rest Day! Be there!

[With that, the video shuts off!]

On rest day at the cafe.... )
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Hi everyone!

Okay so since I got here I haven't really gotten to dance very much...which is terrible because I love it and it's one thing I'm actually pretty good at. So, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in some dancing lessons! I would be teaching it of course and it would be open to both schools.

Let me know what you guys think! This is Brittany S Pierce, over and out. Oh before I go I'll show you a dance routine. You know just so you guys know what you would be learning.

[And off she goes! After the routine the video will cut off.]
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IC Post for all Fridays adventures, see this post for more information.
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IC Post for all Wednesdays adventures, see this post for more information.
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IC post for all Tuesday adventures. See this post for more information.
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The train finally came to a halt in which seemed to be the middle of no where. There was a small hut, but just like the train station in Rakuen there were no staff. Still the doors opened and out on the platform a woman stood. She looked stern and some might recognise her from the town; her dusky pink hair made her stand out in a crowd.

"Weapons please collect the equipment of your colour from the luggage compartment. One tent per team, one stove, one sleeping bag. If Players require their Weapons to have sleeping bags come and tell me, I have some extra in the store." She spoke in a tone that seemed used to being obeyed; a soldiers tone some might recognise it as.

After the equiptment was collected she set off up the hill expecting everyone to keep up. Astute campers will have noticed Dolorosa, Day, Nanami and Santana in the small crowd and so hopefully realise that escape was nothing but futile.

Of course if they still tried they would find they couldn't get very far, if they went too far in any direction or tried to follow the tracks they would pass out and reappear just a little behind the main group.

The camp site was just over the hill, a valley surrounded by hills, a river running through it. Their guide told them to make camp, Fortitude this side of the river, Conquest the other; there were stepping stones. "All Players are to report to me while Weapons pitch the tents."

She waited until the Players were gathered, "My name is Clara, I am your guide for your trip and I expect you to behave yourselves. As you have guessed we have a slightly separate set up, you have each been provided with a Weapon, in some cases two. There shall still be fights, training fights each morning in your camps and a fight in the evening which shall be interschool. Do your best; for as well as raks winning fights will get you more points."

There were no smiles but a pause for them to take in what she had said so far. "There will also be other activities, from climbing to walking to canoeing. I am sure you will all find something you excel in. Each of your Weapons has been provided with a ring, it cannot be removed until the end of the trip. Touching it with your gloved hand will invoke the penalty, though I trust you all not to abuse that power."

She looked over to the campsite and the activity there and raised her voice so she could be heard by those putting up tents. "All cooking is to be done by the Weapons, points will be given and subtracted for cooking skills, tents will be inspected every day. Weapons require permission to share their Players food, there are Weapon meals provided. If you wish your Weapon to stay in your tent they may but permission must be given." She looked like she couldn't work out why anyone would want that despite the grey skies and drizzle.

"Today you may get to know the camp site, there shall be no fight tonight but there is wood to be collected and if you collect enough we can have a large camp fire. Points shall be awarded for meals, Weapons are to come to me for ingredients."

With that she nodded and walked away, presumably to pitch her own tent. Have fun campers!
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The clothes Dunleavy had mentioned were simple light trousers, three plain t shirts in school colours, a warm jumper; again in school colours and a pair of walking boots. There was also a small rucksack so spare clothes and other belongings could be packed.

On the platform NPCs were loading what seemed to be tents, cooking stoves and sleeping bags into the hold. Those chosen were ushered onto the train and told to sit wherever they liked.

Once everyone had arrived the whistle sounded and for the first time in fourteen weeks the train set off in the opposite direction. Smoke whistled happily past the window as they began to go faster past meadows and trees.

Then, quite suddenly everyone began to feel very sleepy. "There is a story everyone knows..." It was that old dream again, lulling you in and you find your eyes dropping against your will...

When you wake up the train is slowing and the countryside looks different, mountainous, rougher; a little more wild.

"Attention everyone, the train is approaching it's final destination. Please be ready to leave the train in half an hour." As people shake off the last of the sleep this message continues.

Then it changes, "You will notice that some of your now possess a coloured exaclan glove on your chair, others will notice a coloured ring. Please put them on now. Your first task is to find your Player if you are a Weapon, or your Weapon if you are a Player. Find the person whose colour matches yours."

((The information post that has the colours and pairs is here!))
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