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The end of time (Friday)

Characters: Everyone who is left and then later Suzaku and Cirno
Format: Whatever
This log is: Open
Location: In town and then by the lake
Summary: On Friday there are only players left. Then everyone who is not also a prefect disappears, leaving Cirno and Suzaku
Warnings: Overabundance of tragic
No way to stop it )
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Wednesday night

Characters: Suzaku and anyone who is left
Format: Anything
This log is: Open
Location: Conquest, prefect dorms, white dorm (room 1-A to start) and then all the rooms
Summary: All non Prefect Weapons disappear. That is all of Suzaku's Weapons and he failed to protect them
Warnings: So much angst
When things are too big to fight )
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Wednesday, oh look a giant tortoise

Characters: Suzaku and everyone
Setting: City, midday
Format: both, any
Summary: General OH WHY IS IT BACK thread also potential fights
Warnings: Fighting

Not the best thing to run into... )
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One for one...

Characters: Cirno and Anyone!
Format: Any!
This log is: Open
Location: Battle Arena Tower- Backdated to Assembly day, after the assembly or Elsewhere afterwards
Summary: Cirno has something she needs to do
Warnings: None I know of?
When the world turns it's back on you... )
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Assembly [Both Schools]

Characters: Everyone and all
Format: Whatever you like
This log is: Open
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: The final assembly and the start of the final week of Rakuen begins. Players are announced as normal yet something is not right.
|Round 19 begins... )

You will follow the rules even if you do not want to

Characters: Cirno, Yuka Kazami and ???????
Format: Either or, I'll follow.
This log is: Closed
Location: Prefect Dorms
Summary: There is a punishment that is long overdue...
Warnings: Very unhappy stuff below!
This is what happens when you do not listen... )

Notice to Abnormal Botany students

[This is posted to the Conquest network, with copies also posted on the message boards around campus.]

The next Abnormal Botany class will involve plants that may, with little to no warning, be on fire.

Long hair must be pinned up, and clothing with loose or hanging parts is absolutely forbidden.

If you cannot abide by these rules, please save us all some time and just don't show up.


I am tiring of this place and the way it toys with my memories.

If a player from Fortitude is in need of a weapon, I offer my sword. All I ask in return is that you use my raks to purchase the rest of my memories. I refuse to allow this to happen to me anymore.

Suzaku, a word when you have the time.

That is all.

[Video with some sounds around the dorms]

[There might have been doors slamming about the Prefect dorms on the Conquest grounds a while after the greeting of the people coming off of the train but after 3 or so slams, it was quiet. About a half an hour later there is a message on the network from the fairy.]


[The PDA is sitting on her desk, showing her staring at a little wooden box with groups of Memory charms and Upgrade rings. It's dark as she has blocked the light from the windows. She's not wearing her uniform or her usual dress, instead she is wearing her neon blue t-shirt that looks like it could fit 3-4 of her in it. She's writing on a piece of paper with a blue marker for a moment before looking at the PDA, eyes hidden by her hair.]

Oh...To those who knew her....Nephenee has gone home. I have her upgrade and memory charm.

[She puts the items back into the little box and puts it on her bedside table. She slips off of her bed and floats over to the PDA because if she was walking, she would have tripped and fallen with the shirt. She wipes at her eyes, which now that she is close can be seen from under her bangs, are sad and slightly red from crying.]

I'm going back to bed...Lock the door and never return...it's safer that way...

[And with that, the video ends. Those in the dorms might hear the soft click of the lock from her room and then nothing else.]
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Fight the Black Tortoise of the North!

Characters: All of them
Format: All the formats
This log is: Incredibly open
Location: The small island on the lake, also in the lake
Summary: Giant tortoise is attacking! Fight for your lives!
Warnings: Battle scenes and a few people might die?
Go, fight, win )
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This is a bad idea

Characters: Arthur, Vane and Suzaku
Format: Prose?
This log is: Closed
Location: Conquest Courtyard
Summary: Arthur vows to Vane, also Vane and Suzaku link
Warnings: Awful things
And the bad choices never end... )
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Network post

[Here is a video of Suzaku, he looks serious.]

As those who were at the meeting know. We need more prefects if we have any chance of opening all the remaining towers. I have two hundred and two raks at the moment, if anyone is in need of upgrades please let me know and I will ask my current Player to buy upgrades for you.

Tower Discussion for the masses!

Characters: EVERYONE!
Format: Any!
This log is: Open
Location: Cafe in town (The post on the network is dated a few days before Rest Day but the log is on Rest Day)
Summary: Tower Discussion
Warnings: Uh...All the warnings?

[Video on the network]

[It's a video of Cirno again. She looks a bit more like herself then she has been for the past round]

HEY! I'm calling a meeting of everyone about the Towers in the Cafe in town on Rest Day! Be there!

[With that, the video shuts off!]

On rest day at the cafe.... )

Visiting a old friend to ease the worries of a troubled mind

Characters: Cirno and anyone else who wants to look for her.
Format: Any
This log is: Open
Location: Infirmary
When one has lost so many, even the silence of one still there can help... )
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On the platform: Meet the new characters

For those getting off the train their first impression of rakuen will be gloomy, the sky is grey and there is a fine drizzle that soaks you before you even realise it's raining. There is a group there to meet you: on one side, four students in black and green; on the other, four in red and white. Whilst the green group are all fairly average; all teenagers, the red group are a tad more varied. One of their girls is tiny, the size of a small child, and her wings are beating patterns in the warm air.

When they notice the arrivals, one out of each group steps forward. A young man in red and white looking serious steps forward

"Can I please have your attention." He explains that they're all prefects of Rakuen, from the two battle schools on the island. Fortitude - the long haired boy and the others dressed in green - and Conquest. They all arrived just like you did, weeks or months before this.

"I know you have many questions but first please come to the person who calls your name."

He looks down on his list to double check "For Conquest Apollo Justice and Naesala."
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Meh, it's so borin' without everyone around~. And there ain't any good music to listen to either.

So, like, does anyone wanna hang out or somethin'?