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Dirk Strider ♡ timaeusTestified ([personal profile] fracturedsoul) wrote in [community profile] rakuen2012-04-12 02:07 am

[ online / open ]

So, from what I've been able to figure out, it looks like people arrive in this city pretty regularly -- once a week exactly.
We have to play along with this place's rules and fight each other or we'll be punished, we have to go to school or we'll be punished, and so forth.

Since I'm new here, naturally I'm rather out of the loop, so there's a lot I have yet to learn.
For now I'd like to get to know my fellow prisoners, if that's all right with you.
So if you don't mind, tell me -- What is your name, which school are you at, and where were you before you came here?

I'm Dirk, at Fortitude, and I'm from Houston. Pleasure to meet you all.

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