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Video 002 || Host Club

((OOC: Blue is Hikaru, red is Karou, orange is in unison.))

Hello, Rakuen! It's the Hitachiin twins!

[They are both sharing Hikaru's camera, grinning mischievously.]

We have decided that we are going to start a club.

The Rakuen School Host Club!

[They both clasp their hands in front of their chests,] Our humble club has one simple goal;
To make the fine ladies of Rakuen feel like princesses!
Because every girl has a princess in their hearts, just waiting to be catered to!

[Kaoru reaches out to his brother's face looking sad,]Brother, if you keep speaking like that, I will get jealous!

[Hikaru embraces his brother, patting his hair,]It's okay, brother, that is why we are going to find other men to help us. You will always be my most precious.
[They both look to the screen, breaking their embrace,] So, if you want to become popular with the ladies, please, let us know!
Of course, we will have a screening process for our hosts,
Only the best can get in.
Please, won't you kindly join us? [They grin, grasping one of each other's hands and lifting them above their head with a grin before ending the feed.]

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