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Assembly [Both Schools]

Sunday dawned more rainy than Saturday, and students would wake to an announcement directing them to their foyers for assembly. Those who were observant would have realised that yesterday though the train had arrived it had been empty of people, supplies had been delivered but the prefects hadn't been sent to meet anyone.

So perhaps the worried faces of the headmistresses and head prefects made sense, and those that had been here a while might worry a little about the fact the screen flickered to life and Dunleavy appeared.

"Grettings students of Fortitude and Conquest, I hope I find you well and ready for another round of fighting." Her voice was as calm as usual. "And fight I hope you will, I know that both Dolorosa and Day have tried to stress to you the importance of what you do here and your attempts of opening the towers have been successful."

She paused for a moment, "However you have to fight more, I know there is not many of you and so there are not that many Players chosen, but that is a reason for you all to fight more. Fight everyone you can, fight them twice. I do not want you to fail, nor do any of the others. You cannot fail, it is not an option."

She looked at them sternly, "I am not Day, I will not use her methods to persuade you and I am taking this assembly because I hope you will listen to calm reason. Well done to all those that won last round and I hope to have at least one round winner to announce next week."

After that worrying address the screen went black and the players for the next week came up.


Suzaku Kururugi


Komachi Onozuka

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