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Cirno ([personal profile] frozenmemories) wrote in [community profile] rakuen2013-01-20 11:37 pm
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One for one...

Characters: Cirno and Anyone!
Format: Any!
This log is: Open
Location: Battle Arena Tower- Backdated to Assembly day, after the assembly or Elsewhere afterwards
Summary: Cirno has something she needs to do
Warnings: None I know of?

After the assembly, Cirno marched her way over to the tower and stood in front of it with a determined look on her face. She pinned the ice sword broach back on her dress and takes a breath, watching the door. She never wanted to deal with the Shadows again but...She had to. It was important.

She's going to stand there a while, just trying to psyche herself up into going in and fighting for what she is after.

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