justaflowergirl: Excited Yuka (Excited Yuka)
Yuka Kazami [AU] ([personal profile] justaflowergirl) wrote in [community profile] rakuen2013-01-21 11:00 pm

Remembering things isn't always easy.

Characters: Cirno, Yuka Kazami [AU]
This log is: closed
Location: Yuka's room (Backdated to Sunday evening)
Warnings: Possible angst?
Yuka sat in her room, doing a little reading while she waited for Cirno to arrive.

Mostly she felt anticipation, but there was a bit of worry too. Even if this was the moment she was waiting for, she couldn't be sure where things would go from here, not after everything that had happened. But whatever came, she was still determined to do everything she could for the people she loved.

Though she really hoped it wouldn't be much longer...

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