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The end of time (Friday)

Characters: Everyone who is left and then later Suzaku and Cirno
Format: Whatever
This log is: Open
Location: In town and then by the lake
Summary: On Friday there are only players left. Then everyone who is not also a prefect disappears, leaving Cirno and Suzaku
Warnings: Overabundance of tragic
[Before 5pm] How had it come to this? Suzaku let the shaking rock him as the final tower doors slammed shut and looked around the city. All he could see were shadows though he knew there were others here, the other Players.

There was no longer anything to do, and so Suzaku set off walking, looking for those others. Because if this was the end, and he didn't want to think that, he wanted to believe there was something that could do. If Lelouch was here maybe he would have thought of something. Something brilliant and insane to save them all.

But he wasn't and so Suzaku walked through the city. "Cirno? Sora? Ein? Asagi? Merlin?" They must be somewhere.

[After 5pm at the lake] Suzaku wished it would just be over, there was nothing more to do. Even the shadows seemed to be quieter now. Part of him feared that it wouldn't be, that he and Cirno would be trapped here in this city alone. Why hadn't they disappeared with the others? Suzaku threw a stone into the lake and watched the ripples lost in thought.

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