Jan. 9th, 2012

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Good afternoon.

My name is Homura Akemi. I am a Player this round. According to the rule book, Weapons without Players are called Discards. Discards have very few rights. I would like to help Discards. If you would like to vow with me I would be honored. In exchange for your vow, I will give you the privileges that only a Player can give you.

However, I will need one or two Weapons for the purpose of playing the game. I am very skilled with most firearms and will not allow any harm to befall you while battling. If you think your weapon is a firearm and would also like to vow with me, please let me know.

Similarly, if you would like to vow, please tell me. I will be waiting in the computer room if you would rather meet in person before deciding. I am a girl with long black hair.

Thank you.
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I'm a Player this round and I'm looking for weapons. If you become my weapon I promise:

* All of your rights
* Three meals a day
* Hugs and kisses everyday

If you're interested, come find me at the Battle Arena. I'm heading there right now.

By the way, my name is Antonio.
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