Jan. 10th, 2012

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Hello everyone, my name is Aqua. I'm another Player in this round who needs several Weapons. I'm most used to sword-like weapons, but I can adapt if I need to.

Like Homura, I'd like to offer a exchange of vows to any Discards in return for any and all of the privileges I can give to you as a Player. I don't see any reason why you should be treated so terribly just because you aren't 'owned' by someone. I promise that I will protect you with everything I am. I only ask that you don't break any of general rules so I can keep you safe more easily.

For any of those interested, you can meet me in room 259 during school hours. I'm also a teacher here, so if anyone is interested in learning magic at any level of experience, you're more than welcome to join the class.

Thank you.
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[Lithuania appears on the screen, looking pleased that it's on--he's had to do this a few times to get it to work right, though the other attempts were all deleted before they ever had the chance to hit the forum. Honestly, he's been trying to post this for hours, but PDAs are a bit more confusing than he thought. Still, he's smiling.]

Hi! I'm Lithuania, one of the Players this round, so if you need someone to vow to, you can come to me if you want! I'll give you permission to do whatever you want. If you have a sword, that would be nice--um, I can work with any kind of sword, I think, as long as it's not especially large. But I can use other weapons, too. Even if you don't have a good weapon, you don't have to be a Discard, I'll let you do what you want and won't use you in a fight.

Um, I'm in room 1-A, or you can find me around the school or town.

[He waves, and the clip ends.]
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Are you guys really that lame that you're all rushing to computers and PDAs to find partners? I mean really, you can't just talk to people face to face and get your shit together? Well I'm not using the network to find a partner, I already have one.

I'm here to issue you a challenge. You've seen us fight already so you know what we're capable of, but if that isn't enough for you, I'll battle you. [she leans back with a smug look on her face] That's right boys and girls, if you want to battle the Conquest Prefect and Headmistress, now is your chance.

Just a warning, [she holds up all her upgrades, you may notice that there are more than the allotted five] we have a ton of upgrades.
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Characters: Shion, Madoka, Marisa
Format: Prose? Or action, I don't really mind
This log is: Sort of closed to Madoka and Marisa but others in Black 1A can be around!
Location: Dorm room Black 1-A
Summary: Madoka has just got caught sneaking to conquest, so she talks to Shion and they come up with a plan
Warnings: excessive derp? No really I'll add if anything comes up!
He didn't like this system at all... )
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