Jan. 17th, 2012

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[The voice on the other line is determined, a little disgusted. What follows is the world's most obvious warning.] Hello everyone. My name's Utena. And i've...played and won this game before. Or one very similar to it. I don't know why you've all been brought here or what everyone's motivations for dueling are. But I know this: whatever you were promised, you're not going to get it. The people who run this will use you Players until they have no more use for you and then they'll throw you away and start over with the next batch. As for the Weapons, i've seen what being owned does to someone.

This whole thing is disgusting.
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[Feferi is sitting on her bed in the Conquest dorms, flicking at the bracelet around her wrist. She's got two charms attached to it that she didn't have before. Purple tear tracks stain her cheeks, and her voice is scratchy from crying.]

...be careful, Players and Weapons. It's possible to just disappear. Sollux Captor, my friend, not just a Weapon...he's not here anymore. I found a Memory Charm and an Upgrade on my pillow this morning.

[She flicks at the charms again.]

Idiot could have at least told me goodbye. Or told me how he was leaving. Or something. But just disappearing, leaving his things...a memory of his that it feels like I shouldn't have.

[She doesn't mean that.]
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Characters: Day and all of Conquest Students!
Format: prose, action, anything goes
This log is: Party post, tag Day, tag each other. Feel free to tag any part of the class or all of them!
Location: The poisons classroom, which is really a science lab.
Summary: Lesson one: Herb identification. Day's poison lessons begin
Warnings: Poisons, frank talking about killing and death
Welcome to poisons, if you pay attention you might leave alive )
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