Jan. 26th, 2012

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Characters: Aisha Clanclan and . . . the Mayor?
Format: Prose, I guess?
This log is: Closed
Location: The mayor's house.
Summary: Aisha decides to take another visit to off-limits property. Man, that's popular with the White 1-A crowd.
Warnings: Not that I can think of?
Just a pleasant social call . . . honest. )
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"A knight once sought to defeat a demon lord who constantly terrorized the land. She sought advice from a sage, who told her this: The source of the demon lord's power lay in six stars, which were in turn guarded by six devils. Only after defeating the devils and obtaining the stars could the knight truly vanquish the demon lord and return home."

According to those who claim to have remained behind from the previous cycle, the only way for us to leave this city is to "win the game". Whether or not they are telling the truth, these people's words are all we have to go on at the present time. This fairy tale was told to me by the city's mayor when I asked her just how we would go about doing so.

If this is to believed, the six "devils" are most likely a direct reference to the schools' headmistresses and prefects, along with the mayor and one other person. I cannot say what the six "stars" are meant to represent.

I seem to remember hearing something else like this, about a knight and a demon lord, shortly before awakening on that train. "A demon lord had kidnapped a princess many times over, but no matter what he did, the valiant knight would always save her" -- and so forth. Does anyone have more information -- More snippets of this parable that may provide more insight?

In addition, I would appreciate it if someone would pass this along to anyone at Fortitude who cannot access the citywide network.
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Characters: Jade Harley [AU] and Vriska Serket
Format: Action
This log is: closed
Location: Black 1-B
Summary: Jade has nightmares. Vriska makes fun of her for it. Profit????????
Warnings: None unless you count crying and Vriska being a bitch.
bless the uncompromising )
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[Scott flashes his PDA on and appears before the masses looking a lot slimmer than when he first arrived in town.]

"Hoooookay! The name is Scott. Scott Pilgrim. I'm gettin' pretty tired of eating.. Well.. Whatever the hell they serve here. It sucks, okay. I'm pretty sure everyone else who's been stuck at the Suckfest a.k.a. NOT BEING IN THE FIGHTS will agree that yeah, this is pretty shitty.

So I'm gonna' toss this out there and see where this goes. I'm pretty badass, and I ain't sayin' that lightly. For you cats that are "players" or whatever the hell you wanna' call 'em, sounds like a game to me, you've got yourself a PRIME weapon right here. I'm a hero. Yeah, a hero. Movie deal, comic book series, video games; all based on yours truly!

So, ya' know, get back to me on this. I could use some actual food. Stuff that doesn't look like a raccoon threw it up? That'd be great, thanks!"

((OOC: Marissa's player, I'm lookin' at YOU!))
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